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Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.25

@Gnant - I have noticed the same thing but I have always thought it was the “luck of the draw”. For instance, sometimes the hub does not actually go into inclusion mode even though the app says it is searching… I then try again using the old app and it works (this is true whichever app I use first I believe), or I reboot the hub and a previously undiscoverable device pops up immediately.

My suggestion is to visually check that the hub is indeed in inclusion mode either by looking at the LED on the front or looking at the Event List for the hub. Once confirmed then put the device in inclusion mode. If that fails, then try a reboot of the hub. After each attempt, I always do an exclusion and a reset of the device for good measure.

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Are you doing any sort of filtering of outbound traffic? This release adds a “liveness” endpoint that the hub checks at Failing this check won’t prevent the hub from getting online, but it will eventually cause the hub to disconnect/reconnect to try to get a good connection.


It’s great to see that there are optimizations being put in place to improve the stability.

However just like you pointed out, if there is something beyond the control of the hub like firewalls or defective routers, UPnP issues (if used) etc rather than going into a loop, which could make a bad situation worse due to unintended side effects, would it be more effective to send the user notifications that something isn’t right?

That way it’s more transparent to users and the conversation would center around a FAQ and best practices instead of folks digging into logs.

Just my 2 cents.


We’re on the same page - this was a first pass and I think a lot more could be done. My first choice would be detecting DHCP servers giving out addresses without internet connectivity (i.e. a “rogue” DHCP server). It’s so easy to accidentally plug in a router when what you want is a switch and not realizing it has a DHCP server enabled. I find this especially true with something like an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter or the like since it can be a switch or a router depending on configuration.


Since 0.25.26 has now been released, please use this thread for future comments: Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.26

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Hey @RLDreams,
I’d gladly take a look at this for you to see what’s up with these couple sensors. Would you mind shooting me a PM with the email address associated with your account along with the names of the 3 sensors you are seeing the issue with?