Hub Firmware Beta 0.29.x

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce the start of a new SmartThings Hub Firmware Beta. Version 0.29.x will begin rolling out in batches starting February 12th; we will send out an email when we start updating Hubs. We will be paying close attention to any issues encountered by users so your hub may not get updated right away. The hub will be offline for about a minute during the update. See below for more specific details about the update.


  • 0.29.x

Hub Targets

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub V2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub V3)

Release Date

  • February 12th

Release Notes


  • Reduce DHCP retry interval to improve the likelihood of initial IP assignment
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Firmware update for the Aurora Battery Powered Wireless Switch


  • Fixed issue with updating WiFi credentials via SoftAP on Hub V3
  • Fixed an issue that prompted the mobile app to display a security related warning after adding a Z-Wave S2 device
  • Various minor fixes


*Anyone who participated in the previous beta (0.28.x) is automatically signed up for this one.

If you’d like to participate in the beta, but haven’t taken the survey yet, you can Sign Up Here

If you’d like to opt out, you can also leave the program via the Account Settings menu item in Centercode


Oh, that was a short notice. I’ve just realised that it is already the 12th.

Fingers crossed!


Got the email about it almost 5 hours ago, but no update yet.

Beta firmware is being rolled out in batches now. You should receive the update by tomorrow evening at the latest.


Aren’t these the purpose of an update? I know I am being picky and that you guys don’t have time to write down every little change, but why state the obvious :wink:

And also new feature releases. When you see release notes that are relatively small, vague, and contain mostly “Stability and performance improvements”, that is usually an indicator that we are working on larger, new feature items that span multiple releases. And often times the stability and performance improvements we do make are too nuanced and not worth elaborating on. Future 2020 firmware release notes should be more exciting :slight_smile:


@BarryA Really hoping one of those new features will be Zigbee group messaging support and better lighting group management.

While not bad currently in the app itself, the popcorning effect is really apparent and annoying on Smartthings for some reason when triggering multiple bulbs to come on via Alexa or Google home. Ironically my cheap Sengled hub works better(no popcorning at all)

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When will I know when the update is pushed out?

Just got mine.

This is already partially live via the Lighting Groups in the new app. I believe @BroderickCarlin was saying they use Zigbee group messaging. Problem is Lighting Groups are currently only available as manual on/off.

But it would be much more exciting if you said “Prepping for universal local device support and local rules API” :stuck_out_tongue:


Will go offline for a little while and then you can check the hub firmware version in IDE.

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You can also check the firmware version from the apps

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Oh yeah, that’s right. Way to keep me in check.

Yep, the easiest method. Tap on your SmartThing Hub in the main device view, then the kebab menu button on the top right, then tap Information.

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All hubs in the beta should have the update within an hour or so. Over half of people should have it already, we’re just going through the last few batches and monitoring a few things a bit more carefully on our end to ensure we didn’t miss any cases with how the hub performs the sync of device info back down to the hub.

Expect to get an email via Centercode when things are fully deployed.


Yup, got mine an hour ago. Several devices in a HUB_DISCONNECTED state though, but I know a reboot will resolve that.


Thank you. Firmware received.

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Thanks Paul. BTW, a reboot didn’t resolve the HUB_DISCONNECTED state this time around. All the devices in that state are sleepy devices - Aeon minimotes, arrival sensors, and a couple zigbee single buttons.

Try changing the DTH in ide, hit update, then back to original one. I had a few disconnected and they rescheduled and checked in after the flip.

Yup, that worked! Thanks Bob. They’re all running stock handlers, which is odd they did this.

EDIT: using those devices also did the trick. It was easier for the minimotes and buttons. The arrival sensors can wait until their state changes tomorrow.

EDIT: Spoke too soon. Some devices still won’t change regardless if I change the DTH or use the device. I’m too tired to deal with this crap now, so I’ll deal with it in the morning. Between this and the new app release, I’ve had my fill with ST today…

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It would be.
But then right before the big rollout, when you discover some apocalyptic flaw, exploited by Putin’s Hacker Corp has wormed it’s way into all the new, wildest dream, features…and you’ve already teased us with dazzling new automation, signaling a new Era in smart tech has dawned…
Well, you’ll wish you just said, “bug fixes.”

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