Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.25

For those who are part of the 0.25.x beta test, we are releasing new firmware:


  • 0.25.25

Hub Targets

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v3) (2018)

Release Date

  • 3/21/2019

Release Notes

  • Add additional protections against Hubs going offline after an update is applied.
  • Fix bug that caused spurious broadcast packets to be sent when the Hub did not have a valid IP address.

Got the update just now. All went well, and the IDE has properly updated. I’m on a v2 hub.

I’m still having to reboot my v3 hub after every firmware update in order to get the hub connected devices out of disconnected status in the new app. Anybody want some logs before I do it again this time?

I emailed support 4 times but no response over 3 months. Can someone from the ST team please contact me

Hi Kamran. I responded to your support ticket just now to help you out.


After the previous update I started experiencing problems with a few of my SmartSense (specifically my Iris sensors zigbee sensors seem to be working fine.) motion and contact sensors disconnecting and not being able to reconnect (I use the classic app).

And after the current beta push even more of them have disconnected.

I’m not sure if it is related to the beta firmware update or something unrelated.

I sent an email to support a couple of days ago but haven’t heard back.

It so far is only affecting my SmartSense specific devices and only affecting zigbee devices.

I’m generally pretty good at troubleshooting but am really struggling to keep up with so many of them being offline and just not staying connected even after resetting the devices.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar and/or have any thoughts about what might be causing my problems?

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I do not believe the regular ST support can assist when you are running beta firmware. I believe this is the appropriate forum along with centercode where you can open a ticket on this issue.

Out of a couple hundred devices only one of my locks went offline but I am not sure it is related to the update as I was already having some issues (it was not reporting lock/unlock so I excluded it and included it, then changed DTH to “local” one).

I believe @johnconstantelo had posted that he had lots of devices go offline and that he needed to reboot the hub… or something like that. John?

One thing you could try is to unplug the hub for 10 minutes. That should cause the zigbee mesh network to redefine the routes. It is the equivalent of a zwave network repair. I believe the hub has a limit of 32 or so zigbee devices. To add more, you need repeaters, so if routing is off, or a repeater is dead, I would expect similar issues. Just a shot in the dark…

Thanks for the insight… I’ve considered trying to shutdown my hub and didn’t consider that it would take 10 minutes to rebuild my Zigbee network.

@scottashell what app are they showing disconnected in? and what do the show for status in the IDE?

They are showing Offline in the Classic SmartThings app and the same in the IDE.

I pretty much stay out of the new SmartThings app.

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There appears to be an issue with either OneApp or cloud services that causes devices to show up as disconnected in OneApp when they are connected in the Classic app and the Graph IDE. The issue doesn’t seem to be related to 0.25.x firmware, and the respective engineering teams are investigating.


Yup, correct for a couple older betas, and mostly zwave, but also several zigbee devices.


How many zigbee repeater devices do you have? That will make a significant difference.

When they rejoin, look at your hub’s event log for that process. What does it say the parent ID is?

The event entry would look like this:

zbjoin: {“dni”:“2110”,“d”:“D052A80082270005”,“capabilities”:“80”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:“01 0104 019A 00 01 0000 00”,“application”:“04”,“manufacturer”:“SmartThings”,“model”:“PGC410”},{“simple”:“02 FC01 019A 00 00 00”,“application”:"",“manufacturer”:"",“model”:""}],“parent”:“420A”,“joinType”:0}

If that parent is far away, that could be a problem, and/or if that parent has too many connected devices, it will be a problem. Both of those issues will go away with an added repeater.

In my example above, that presence sensor rejoined when the car pulled up, and it’s parent is an Iris wall plug on a garage wall.

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I probably don’t have enough repeaters (I have several zigbee bulbs but have heard that many bulbs are not that good as repeaters).

I can/could/should get some wall outlets to plug in various places in the house.

I’ll take a look once I get back home and can trouble shoot my network.

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Cool, I bet that will do the trick for you. You could also replaced some wall switches with GE’s zigbee wall switch. I have tons of those and they’re outstanding devices. Super fast, and extremely reliable.

I will probably do that although many of my switches are already the GE Z-wave in wall switches that said there are a few bedrooms that I could add them as well.

Thanks for the help… hopefully it works to improve my Zigbee Network.

Bulbs are like regular devices. They are specifically designed not to repeat because many folks turn off the main switches to the bulb sockets and if they acted like repeaters then it would disrupt communications as repeaters need to be online constantly. For that reason they intentionally do not repeat.


I got 500 internal server error since updating.,…

I’ve still got several zwave devices that are non responsive. I’ve tried removing, resetting, and including them back into the mesh. Lots of problems with this right now.

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My random and repeated ST hub disconnections seem to have started again. Anyone else?

Yup. It came and went last night a few times, all the while Classic was fine.

This morning I woke up to this:

There’s nothing else in the hub’s event log to indicate anything going offline, or any other weird behavior. I wasn’t running a zwave repair either. Everything leading up to this were just a lot of pings, and then all of these messages, and then back again to a bunch of pings.

@Kianoosh_Karami, fyi.

EDIT: and right when I posted just now, the new app says my hub is disconnected. Yay.