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Hub Firmware 21.x Beta


I will have to get back to you on what the specific use case was, but it had to do with my integration between Alexa / ST / Routines and a Switch not being able to accomplish the same functionality.

I just figured that if an official Virtual Device creator existed it would be comprised of many if not all virtual and simulated device types (Thermostat, Bulb, etc…), but I’m guessing that the Simulated devices aren’t localized either, so they probably don’t fall into the same classification as there are only 2 labeled virtual device types. Just some thoughts out loud. :slight_smile:

(Zach Varberg) #83

Yeah, we’re still working on the usefulness of the virtual stuff and so I’m genuinely curious what peoples’ use cases are for these things. Let me know if you think of anything. No promises that it will actually make it in, but we’ll certainly consider it.

(John) #84

Virtual color/white bulb

(Jameson) #85

I noted in the beta I want virtual locks and contact sensor. I use a virtual lock for a switch that controls a actuator so it shows up in lock manager and easier for my wife to see everything is locked vs on=locked. The contact sensor is one where I assign 10 sensors and if any are open it shows open, while all closed shows closed, once again mak s it easier for the wife to see all doors are closed

(Robin) #86

I use virtual switches as restrictions for automatons i.e. toggle between between auto / manual mode or disable SMS messages to certain people.

I use a simulated dimmer to set the trigger level (humidity) for my bathroom fan to come on.

But I rarely use the stock handlers, instead I always add custom labels to make the buttons meaningful and I also use custom images (not icons) for every device.



Apart from that, I use the various virtual devices for testing automatons, saves me having to physically toggle lights, open doors, trigger presence etc.


Think you are going to see a ton of use cases for all the various virtual device types based on different scenarios and uses. I see value add with 3rd party integrations, multiple device automation, where only having a switch available won’t work. Load up that app with all of them :slight_smile:

(Rasmus Toft Jensen) #88

When you in the release note states:

Add support for additional DTHs to execute locally

  • Fibaro Motion Sensor (non-ZW5 version)


Does than mean support for

  • Fibaro motion sensor: FGBHMS-001 V1.0 ?

(Paul Osborne) #89

No, unfortunately, as you note that sensor (targeted at Apple Homekit) requires bluetooth. This change added support for running Fibaro Motion sensors that previously worked with SmartThings in the cloud to run locally (so they work with offline automations, etc.).

As per, the Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus motion sensors are supported within SmartThings. With this release, support for the Z-Wave (but not the Z-Wave Plus / ZW5) variant will run locally. We’ll look at making this more clear with the release notes when this version goes to production.

(Robin) #90

Are there any plans to get the zw5 version working?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #91

And then add them all as available restrictions in smart lighting

(Rasmus Toft Jensen) #92

I know this might be a bit off topic, but the hub supports two USB ports…

So if you added a USB bluetooth adapter, would it then be possible to add bluetooth controller to the hub and make it control bluetooth devices also? (including this Fibaro motion sensor FGBHMS-001 V1.0) :smiley:

(Realy Living Dream) #93

One for 4G modem and the other for extra RAM and backup of configuration

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

(Pete) #94

having issues with ST and HUE integration lately, not sure if it’s tied to the Beta or something else. Bulbs become unresponsive to routines and/or manual actions in ST. actions as simple as the turning off a light seem to act erratically. Sometimes if I open the light, click save, and retry the action it will work other times not.


(Jimmy) #95

Create a bug report on centercode with specific date/time they can look at.

(Nick Stevens) #96

Also please trigger logs as close to when you notice an issue as possible.


And specify as to whether you are using the Hue Bridge or have the bulbs directly integrated with ST, and if you are using the native integration or a specific custom SmartApp (ie: Hue B Smart, etc.). Report that in Centercode.

(Pete) #98

thanks, I will do as suggested for logs and bug report, I am using the Hug Bridge, 2nd Gen with about 35 lights…was running custom apps but removed all of them and are now using the Native lighting integration.


I have the same setup. I would try rebooting your Bridge, ST hub and then the router and see if the issue goes away.

If the issue continues, they should definitely be able to isolate it a lot easier with you using the native integration and use of the bridge and providing logs of so called behavior. :slight_smile:

(Pete) #100

quick question, do you know what ZigBee channel your Hue Bridge is running on?


Hue Bridge = 25
ST Zigbee = 19
Wifi 2.4 = 11