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Hub Firmware 21.x Beta

(Ricci Hoffer) #62

Looking for clarification/guidance on task 4 in the zwave update task list in centercode. Submitting a bug report or suggestion doesn’t seem to fit:

After a few days of firmware update, Report if you notice any behavior differences in terms of reaction time, connectivity and reliability of the Z-Wave network after the firmware update.

(Steven) #63

You can add a comment directly on the task. That’s what I did and that seemed to be the most appropriate way to add feedback.

(Ricci Hoffer) #64

Thanks, comments did not show up until i moved it from “Not Started”

(Kianoosh Karami) #65

Hey there,

This is left ambiguous in some sense to see if the user can notice any difference with their Z-Wave devices. For example, do you feel like a device is responding quicker or did a device all of sudden becomes laggy or difficult to control?

Every network is different, devices are different, and more importantly user’s environment, thus the ambiguity. Let me know if that is helpful.


(lehighkid) #66

Interesting - which DTH are you using? Mine still shows Unknown for the Lock Manager 2.0brc Schlage DTH.

(Kianoosh Karami) #67

With help of co-workers, we chased down the issue where some working devices were being marked offline, even though they were working fine and were controllable. This is an issue in the Cloud, and we are going to discuss internally to fix this issue.

If you notice this issue, there is a good chance that it is the issue we found today. However, feel free to keep reporting such bugs and we can ensure it is not the same.

(Borristhecat) #68

Will the firmware updates for the ZLL RGBW bulb work in the UK? Or are we still in the dark ages?

(Tom Manley) #69

Light bulb joke? Yes, the OSRAM ZLL updates are for bulbs primarily used in the UK.

(Borristhecat) #70

Both :smile:

Brilliant news what version is the update? My OSRAM lamps are on 0x01020510?

(Tom Manley) #71

Our version is actually older (0x01020412). I am reaching out to the manufacturer to get the latest version which might end up being what you already have. Did you use the Osram hub to get it?

(Borristhecat) #72

Yes, as the firmware updates were not working in Uk I had to get a hub, it did fixed the many issues with them. But I updated them about 5/6 months ago so there may be a later one.

Over here is down as the lightify HUB

(Gonzalo Parra) #73

I have not seen any of my switches going offline today (didn’t check through the weekend), can you confirm if this has been fixed in the cloud?

UPDATE: Scratch that, on of them just went offline… :disappointed:

(Borristhecat) #74

on the centrecode list of tasks it asks us to try the z-wave firmware updates, what devices can be updated and how do we start it?

(jkp) #75

Updated the Z-Wave Radio Firmware to 4.54
This firmware improves stability and connectivity within the Z-Wave network.

(Kianoosh Karami) #76

It is a firmware update for the Z-Wave Radio on the hub itself, the goal is to determine if the newer firmware on the radio improves the user experience with your Z-Wave decies

(Zach Varberg) #77

We’ve made some changes to the “Virtual Device Creator” check them out and feel free to submit feedback/issues in the beta.

Smart Lighting - Mirror Behavior!

I see you added Device Name as part of the creation process, instead of having to go into Things after the fact and renaming it. Nice and Thanks.

Any plans to add more than just Virtual Switch and Virtual Dimmer Switch? Like maybe Virtual / Simulated Bulb?

(Realy Living Dream) #79

Was one of the updates to have the virtual dimmer work as a dimmer instead of simply an on/off switch.
I played around with it this morning. Turn on and set level turns on at 100% regardless of whether you set it as 1%, 100%, or anything in between.

(Zach Varberg) #80

That’s not an issue with the device, but instead with automation. The Virtual Dimmer Switch can have it’s level changed, but you would have to set up a smartapp to get another bulb to follow that level. But I do agree that that functionality would be very useful.

(Zach Varberg) #81

What would be the use case for a virtual bulb, and how would it differ from the virtual switch?