Hub Firmware Beta 0.20.11

On Thursday Jan 11, we will be rolling out a new Hub Firmware beta version 0.20.11. Below are the release notes. If you were a part of the last beta, you will be included in this beta as well (unless you answered no to wanting to participate in the next). If you were in the last beta and have changed your mind, please sign in to CenterCode and choose to opt out before then. Sign up here if you would like to be included in the beta

Hub Target
Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Notes

  • Add support for additional DTHs to execute locally
    • Aeon Multisensor 6
    • Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor
    • Simulated Switch
    • Simulated Dimmer Switch
  • Process additional messages for existing locally executing devices on the hub.
  • Fix communication error with Hue bridge running the Hue beta firmware
  • Fix discovery of some Samsung Digital Appliances
  • Add ability to perform Z-Wave firmware updates for testing on some hubs
  • Fix rare case of Z-Wave communication errors after failed secure include

Is it possible to be included in the beta if you were not in the last beta?

Exciting! Maybe I can pair my R7040 vacuum after this.

Is there a link for Centercode to register for this one?

I was part of the Account Migration Beta at the same time the last Firmware Beta was going on, so I opted to stay out of the last one to be able to isolate any issues to one Beta program.

Or a DM sent for it. That would be good :slight_smile:

How do we sign up to be part of the beta? I would really love for the integration of my powerbot 9040 robot vac to not be broken. Can’t get it to move past step one in the process in Android or iOS.

Also interested in the beta if possible. The one issue I have with Smartthings at the moment is the inability to pair an R7090 to it. I’d love to give this a shot.

I added this to the original post too but you can sign up for the beta here

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Any idea which devices you will be testing the OTA Z-wave firmware updates?

Any idea when the generic Z-Wave water valve will be set to run locally? It’s one of the few generic Z-Wave devices that still doesn’t and the Fortrezz water valve does run locally but unfortunately they’re open close action is the opposite of most others on the market (my dome for example).


Is there any possibility that it will fix URL requests sometimes being stuck in the hub between 4PM and 6PM EST? It was introduced in firmware 19.

I see the command being relayed to hub in the logs, but it either never reach its detination or end up running all commands that was stuck at once when it start working again.

Is the Z-Wave firmware update for end devices, or for the hub itself? I know there has been talk of updating the firmware on the hub itself (or maybe that was for Zigbee?) but that there was a regression preventing it from being rolled out.

In theory, they all existed in the cloud (at the software level). Just like moving any other device to local processing (probably simpler without the hardware interactions).

This isn’t Z-Wave device OTA firmware updates, but rather an update of the firmware for the radio that we use in the Hub.


It’s on our list. But I’m not going to make any promises on a timeline.

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This is more to provide utility for local automations. Since we are still pretty limited in what smartapps can run locally (pretty much just Lighting Automation and SHM), this gives users a way to potentially build their automations in a different way. This would allow you to, for instance, have one automation that when a Simulated Switch turns on, turns on a 5 lights. But then create several other rules that turn on that Simulated Swtich (i.e. When this door opens, turn on the simulated switch, when theirs movement here, turn on the switch, it sort of gives you a limited way to group some lights), then if you wanted to add a new light to be controlled for all those instances, you would only have to add it to a single automation (instead of a dozen). It also means you won’t spam your network with on commands if the switch is already on. The use cases are still a little limited right now, but hopefully as more local automations are supported people will be able to make use of these devices.


Can you provide a bit more detail on what this new firmware addresses? Will it fix the radio on/off issue (crash?), devices dropping off, network repair issues, devices that stop reporting their updates? Lately it seems like periodic upheaval breaks loose on my zwave mesh network causing everything to stop working.

Pretty much just those two? Or just those two?

In other words, are there other smartapps that are eligible for local execution?

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Just those two. I said pretty much because SHM is actually several different SmartApps that work together, so it’s more than 2 SmartApps that run locally, but that’s just confusing wording.

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Hey Zach,

Not to go off topic here, but I reported an IDE issue in the following topic that happened between 7pm last night and 6am pacific this morning. My concern is that this might be more widespread than just my account. I have never had an issue with IDE and what is transpiring is truly bizarre. With the beta being rolled out today I just wanted to throw this out there so that others who might have this same issue are negatively impacted in any way.

If you have a couple of minutes, can you take a quick look at what in the world could have caused this. I just checked 2 minutes ago and it’s still the same:

Yeah, I saw your other thread and I passed it on to some cloud devs to take a look at.

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