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Hub Firmware 21.x Beta

(Pete) #102

perfect, thank you…My HB =20 I might move that to 25. running a scanner in my house and 20 seems a bit noisy…


Perfect solution is having ST on 15 (not controllable by us), 2.4ghz on 11 and Hue on 25. I have had channels sitting on top of each other, and the ST Hub sitting less than a foot away from my router and still never experienced any interference. I think a lot it depends on environment and equipment being used.

(Pete) #104

agree, any way to force ST to grab a different channel other than a complete reset? I haven’t found a way to do that…All of my equipment is mounted in a data rack, I have Gig fiber into my home directly into checkpoint firewall, the firewall feeds my Hue and Smarthings and also an Orbi RBK50 wireless device with 2 other remote RBS50’s. tons of connected devices in my house too, from Hue, to Zwave switches, outlets, august locks, auto water shutoff, you name it I automated it…so my network is a big croweded…


None that we know of. Even a reset doesn’t do it on most cases. You could power it down, remove batteries and leave it off overnight to try and get it to select another channel. I would do one thing at a time though. Change the bridge to 25 see if that works. If not,reboot all 3 devices and test/monitor and see if that does the trick.

(Laurence Gough) #106

Hi, how do I sign up to test this firmware?

When I try to fill they survey I just always get the following:

“You must be logged in before you can access the requested resource.”

I have tried resetting my password there but this appears to be a locked down area with no known record of my account. I have filled out various Beta testing forms months ago but was never sent a link or invited to test.

Many thanks

(Jimmy) #107

You have to create a centercode account. It isn’t the same account as your SmartThings account.

(Adam Schulz) #108

^ True story, we’re working on that though.

(Zach Varberg) #109

Check out the new option in lighting automation. You can use this to get a set of lights to follow the on/off status and level of one of the Virtual Dimmer Switches. And the rule should run locally as well (assuming all the physical lights can run locally).

EDIT: just to be clear, you can follow the behavior of any light, I just call out the Virtual Dimmer Switch since it was a part of this beta.

Smart Lighting - Mirror Behavior!
(Realy Living Dream) #110

Well I just tried to use mirror device to replace a trendsetter group. All went as expected until I tried to remove the trendsetter group and got the " something went wrong" followed by the " you are not authorized to perform this action" red banners.

(Zach Varberg) #111

Hmm. That’s happening when trying to remove a community smartapp?

(Realy Living Dream) #112

Yes. On the bright side however mirror seems to be working fine, running local and I can actually change brightness of a group of lights with virtual dimmer.
Once the sun sets I’ll play around with mirroring changing the color of the outside lights

It’s dark enough, mirroring works for on and off, but not for color changes :sob::sob:

(Zach Varberg) #113

Oops, yeah, i could have told you that. Right now it is just on/off and dim. There is some additional work that needs to be done to support the color use cases.

(Matthew Stewart) #114

I am seeing issues with a motion sensor and a multi sensor following the update, on the multi sensor the temp & acceleration still work but the open and closed doesn’t register. On the motion sensor it is just continually registering motion every minute even with nobody in the room. Is anybody able to help?

(Ricci Hoffer) #115

For the multi, it sounds like it may be a battery issue. I believe my multis that I still have in operation exhibit this when the battery level gets to the low end of the 78% step now. It use to be 67/68 % before the battery reporting folmulas in the DTH were changed and firmware updates last year. A fresh battery usually gets them back up reporting open/close. Poping the battery out and back in may also get it going if the battery levels are high enough.

(Matthew Stewart) #116

Yeah I have had to do that in the past but it just seems strange that it is still reporting other data points. The battery is sat at 89% but will pop it in and out to see if it resolves the multi sensor. Thanks

(Barton.) #117

Why is Mirror “Behaviour” spelled the fancy, British way?

(Jimmy) #118

making up for the lack of devices available to our UK friends?

(Zach Varberg) #119

There isn’t really a reason. The person who made the change spelled it that way.


Works for me, lol.

(Ex-pat living in TX)

(Robin) #121

Bout time us Brits had some loving!!!