Hub Firmware 18.x Beta

Just got the following email:

SmartThings Hub firmware beta update!

Thank you for continuing to take part in the SmartThings firmware beta. We will be rolling out a new update for your Hub in batches starting on the 26th June. We will send out an email prior to updating your Hub. The update will take approximately 5 minutes and includes the following new features:

Faster boot times
Faster local automations
Increased number of zigbee devices that can directly connect to the hub
Fix problem with some Schlage locks not reporting lock status
Improves reliability with ZigBee FW update
Fixes Z-Wave network repair related issue
Improves general error handling and logging in hub
Provides ZigBee FW update for SmartThings sensors and outlets, Sengled Classic bulbs, Iris sensors and the Halo smoke alarm.


Interesting that Iris Sensors get firmware updates even though not officially supported. I wish they would update the GE Link bulbs!


Iris sensors are officially supported. Add a Thing - Add Device Manually - Sensors - Open/Closed Sensors - Iris Door/Window Sensor


Anyone get the new version yet?

Nope. Still on 17.11 here

Someone brought this up in the community slack today as the wording in the email notification isn’t super clear… We’re rolling out the update over the next week or so to small batches of hubs at a time and you’ll get an email prior to the update being sent to your specific hub to notify you that it went out.


My Hub in IDE is 000.017.00012

The beta rollout has not started.

Also, a reminder to those who may stumble across this thread, the update is only going to beta users. A wider release is further out.

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Running on 000.018.00014

Didn’t even know it happened so I would say so far so good.

Will give it a good testing later today


What Brad said.

We want to be open about our beta program but we don’t have any more spots at the moment. We will be expanding the beta program in the future, though.


Everyone on the beta list who received the email earlier today that they’d be getting the update should be running 0.18.14. Everyone else that is on the beta listed will be notified via email before your hub is updated so sit tight!

Please let us know if you have any problems so we have a chance to address them before we continue with the beta release. If you had the problem with older Schlage locks that’s discussed here Hub Firmware Release Notes - 17.12/17.13/17.14 let us know if the problem has been fixed for you.


Mine updated today to: 000.018.00015 at:2017-06-28 7:07 PM UTC

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Same here. Totally seamless upgrade.


Yep, running version 18.xx and all seems good so far.

I can report that I lost an Iris contact sensor, but I do not believe it was due to the upgrade. It was noticed after the upgrade but logging activity ceased last night.

Otherwise I’m good so far.

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Everyone who received the email today should be running 18.15. Let us know if there are any problems or if anything seems to be working better or faster, for example with Smart Lighting. We made some improvements in that area and we’re hoping you’re able to see it in day to day usage.


If anybody experiences the issue where the Hub doesn’t connect to the network after a reboot (will be flashing blue LED), please also let us know. We think this bug has been squashed, but with the diversity of home networking equipment out there it’s hard to get a 100% test.

One thing that we would love for people to test is local video as well (clip generation, streaming, etc.). Although most of the changes here should not generally impact the user experience, we would love feedback as to whether local video is working better or worse for people with this release.

Although it did not make the release notes (as there should be no functional change) the core software behind video on the hub has been changed significantly to use fewer resources.

This applies to anyone using the official Samsung SmartCam integrations (6410, 6414, 6417).

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Bug Report -

My iris motion and contact sensors are working just fine.
I have a multitude of GE on/off switches that are no longer responding to automations.

Example; Laundry room door opens and 2 GE on/off switches turn on. Door closes, they turn off.
This automation is controlled via SmartLighting.

So far I have found 3 switches not responding to a SmartLighting automation. I have roughly 50+ plus switches to go through.

I’ll update later with another post.

@slagle do I need to do anything else? Should I reset them as I find them? Or wait to hear from you guys?

So far all the devices I tested are working as they should. My GE switches and dimmers work fine. My IRIS contact sensors are working as well as my automations. I did notice something which I am not sure is do to the firmware. My devices that I have speaking when a action happens are working without a delay from open/close to speaking. There was a good 9 second delay, now just a few seconds.