Hub Firmware Beta 0.24.5

(Bret Schuring) #1


  • 0.24.5

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)

Release Date

  • Thursday September 6

Release Notes

  • Fixed reported Z-Wave issues affecting device health
  • Fixed issue with Z-Wave non-motorized locks that don’t report re-locked events
  • Fixed issue with local KeyWe Z-Wave lock handling not sending open/closed notifications when manually unlocked/locked.
  • Fixed issue with local SmartSense Multi/Sensor handling of acceleration events

Hub Firmware Beta 0.24.2
(Gene Clark) #2

Could you expand further on the last bullet point? I’ve got a SmartThings multi sensor that keeps going unavailable with device health turned on, but yet if I trigger an open/close event it’ll become available again for about ten minutes or so. Additionally it won’t stop showing as active.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

It’s been fun when they reconnect and report open and triggers lights in SL or alarm in SHM depending on the current mode. My dog is hating the last Beta LOL

(Gene Clark) #4

I’m just questioning if it’s the last beta that’s causing the issue because the timing is definitely right, but it’s only happening to one of my multi sensors and others work fine.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

It has definitely more than only one of them here. ST MS haven’t been as bad as old ZW contact sensors, but still often enough to drive husky crazy. I find it amusing that my Schlage 469s haven’t been reporting at all, are not on the list of affected locks. The locks themselves are working fine but shown as unavailable in dashboard until I open the device and trigger an action. It’s literally been years since I had to physically check to make sure doors were locked at night. Twice this week I forgot and found them unlocked in the morning. Couple that with contact sensor errors and it may have been a good thing dogs have been sleeping downstairs.

(Gene Clark) #6

Same here with the lock issues. Show as unavailable but if I go into app and manually lock/unlock them they momentarily show as available. Same as the multi sensor though - only for about ten minutes. Not sure if it’s releted but I’ve even got virtual devices showing as unavailable and didn’t know that was even possible.

(Realy Living Dream) #7

Anything is possible with ST, especially with Beta LOL

(Bret Schuring) #8

There was an edge case where acceleration events for those sensors were not being handled locally and instead processed in the cloud. This would have affected locally running automations that trigger off acceleration. The behavior you describe may be related to configuration. Could you factory reset your device and see if things improve?

(Joel W) #9

Is this the issue where devices say offline but still working?

(Jimmy) #10

my update has arrived. will test z-wave replace when i get home.

(Gene Clark) #11

Yes I’m going to have to try that. Just noticed the temperature hasn’t reported since September 3 and that day it only reported once and before that it hasn’t reported since August 31.

(Eric) #12

I’m noticing many devices (zwave) did not come back online after this beta update

(Kianoosh Karami) #13

The mechanism of determining if devices are online and offline encompasses various different big pieces of our ecosystem. In 24.4, we introduced some instabilities where it could lead to devices being incorrectly marked offline, however, we think and we hope we have fixed those instabilities with 24.5. But that does not mean, we might not have an exact issue.

What I suggest is when the device gets marked offline and it is actually controllable, please open up a centercode ticket or let us somewhere so we can investigate it further as the issue may be somewhere else.


As of right now I have 3 zwave devices that show offline but are controllable.

Media Room Closet Lights : Z-Wave Switch
Front Door Lock : Z-Wave Lock
Foyer Lights : Z-Wave Switch

Centercode ticket: BUG-0160

(Joel W) #15

Today is one of the first days this week that I don’t have a device offline that still works.

(Jimmy) #16

@Kianoosh_Karami the z-wave reboot during device replace bug still exists in 24.5

(Kianoosh Karami) #17

Are you replacing any device or one given device in particular? Because when we replace a device, we ping it first before attempting to remove it from the network and replaced with a new device

(Kianoosh Karami) #18

Ok will take a look and discuss the issues with you in DM.

(Kianoosh Karami) #19

Time for a new bug :slight_smile:

(Kenneth Fraleigh) #20

I just noticed that none of my virtual switches are updating status or turning off/on in a reasonable amount of time. I had been trouble free up until tonight.