Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

@Aaron will it be possible to revert to a stable firmware version if the beta ends up causing issues?

Will you be notifying us when you push the beta firmware? Or, will it all be under-the-covers?

Not that I am aware of. In the event an issue arises, we will dig into it right away and push another update ASAP.

Yes! We are still collecting invites but will be closing the sign up form soon. There will be an email a day or so before the release (we will likely not be providing as much heads up as we do for production releases).



To expand on this answer slightly, this release involves a migration to a new way of storing all parts of the firmware image on the target. This means that it will not be possible to revert this particular firmware update. The new update mechanisms introduced by this change make it significantly easier for us to do things like roll back to previous firmware versions in a foolproof way.

As this release involves more offline time than other releases (due to the migration), we plan to share more details on the engineering side of things as this moves forward. Due to the scope of the release, we have had this release in internal alpha, beta, rc for a longer soak period in preparation for customer beta and general availability.


Bring it on I say :slight_smile:

Before the release to us, will we be told if there will be anything that will compromise the general operation of our systems? And of course what we are expected to test?

As with any beta test, there is some risk, but we are doing as much pre-release testing as possible to mitigate potential issues.

There will be limited (if any) specific tests customers need to perform for this release, but we are definitely looking at some logging on the backend. Stay tuned for updates - more information will be coming to participants soon.

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I understand, just wanted a heads up on anything major that would affect use. I truly understand the risk, as most beta testers know, things happen.

I volunteer to go last :slight_smile:


Thanks Jason for volunterring to go first, that was nice of you!:joy: Ha! Ha!


Crud. Missed it?

Received the email that Firmware update starting over the coming days. Hope it goes well.


Me too on both accounts.

Has anyone got the update yet?

I haven’t got an email saying it was coming.

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Nope just the email.

We are going to release updates to beta testers on a rolling, increasing basis. Stay tuned

ready and waiting!

Hub went offline and has just come back online.
Now at 17.7.
Here goes…

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