Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Alarm Panel Integration?

I’m looking for assistance integrating Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Alarm Panel.

According to this post, a user was able to do it:

"It seamlessly integrated with my existing Honeywell Tuxedo Touch z-wave enabled alarm panel - and I think the ST team is doing some amazing stuff."

Any assistance would be appreciated!


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Hi @BostonJohn, any word on this? I don’t see any other posts, but perhaps someone direct messaged you? I would love to get this going, too!



No, no responses unfortunately. I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t get this done.

Any update on the Honeywell tuxedo touch integration with ST? I am about to take the plunge and by the v2 hub and am very interested in if anyone has successfully did this.

On the Tuxedo go to the Z-Wave menu. Push add Z-Wave device. Go to the Smartthings app, Locations, press the gear icon, then select your hub, then select Z-Wave utilities, then select Include/Exclude hub in existing Z-Wave network.

What functionality does it goes you by integrating the two this way? Can you trigger Honeywell arm or disarm functions through modes or other triggers from SmartThings?


I didn’t see those options within the app. I saw something similar on the developer’s portion of the website. Is this what you are referring to? I am also curious, as is triggertact, as to what functionality this gives you? I believe it will allow you to have actions sensed by the Honeywell system to reflect in various Z-wave devices, but it would seem the Tuxedo can do this without interaction with ST. Also, how many Tuxedos do you have and how does this work out with ST?

No, I’m working on that. I’m a newbie so I probably can’t give very good advice.

I have one Tuxedo controller and one Smartthings Hub as a secondary controller. The addition of the Smartthings Hub is all menu driven between the Smartthings App on my phone and the screen menu on the Tuxedo.

Making the Smartthings Hub the secondary controller caused the Tuxedo to download all device information to the Smartthings App and I was immediately able to control all of the devices through the Smartthings App which is gives you more control.

However, as everyone seems to be trying to do, there is no control over the Tuxedo alarm functions with the way I have it set up.

I’ve been looking at the blog at:

to learn more about how to control the security features of the Tuxedo through the Smartthings App.

has anyone paired a Yale lock to the Honeywell tuxedo and if so how is battery life? when i used a raZberry my lock batteries only lasted about 5 weeks, and since changing over to SmartThings a few weeks after product launch I’ve not had to change my batteries (looks like they will last way over 6 months now), i don’t want to be on a hub that will start chunking batteries again.

the tuxedo has some advantages, like the ability to disarm the alarm at the Yale lock key pad…

Would you mind going into a bit more detail on how to make the Tuxedo the primary and the ST the secondary? I tried following your instructions above and it did seem to make the ST secondary, but I started losing device control and had to re-program some. Thanks

I will be happy to when I get back home later this week.

Awesome. Thanks. I have two tuxedo touches, so I don’t know if that changes anything in the setup for ST.

Just another question. I realize the tuxedo does Zwave integration, but I also have LIFX (Wifi bulbs) that I would love to be able to activate during certain alarm conditions. Unfortunately, these are wifi controlled, but what’s cool about them is that they are cloud based, so interacting with Smartthings is easy (Cloud to cloud.) Any clue if there is a way to integrate this, as well? Just curious…not super important, but it would be nice.

Any luck on this :slight_smile: Thanks

Following… I have 2 Tuxedo Touch panels and would love to activate ST routines based on actions taken on the alarm panel.

I have a new ST hub, but cannot get it to join my Tuxedo Touch as a secondary hub. I followed all the instructions but the Tuxedo Touch displays the message “not in secure network” the process fails. The ST hub app tells me the process completed successfully, but no devices downloaded. I’m running Software Revision on the Tuxedo, which allows for a passowrd on the web login and email notification. That version was posted last year, so it’s not a beta version.

Can someone who has added a ST hub to their Tuxedo Touch post a better description of the process? Every post makes it seem like it’s just a few steps, but that wasn’t my result. I would like to know what I should see on the ST hub app, and what I should see on the Tuxedo Touch as I go through the steps.

I tried to call ST support, but they do not support using the ST hub as a secondary controller. They are going to RMA my hub if I can’t get answers here.

I’m not sure about the benefits of having ST become a secondary controller, but I can tell you it works well to keep the two as separate systems bbut to integrate them using this process: New App: Integration with HoneyWell TotalConnect Alarm & Monitoring System. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the link, but I don’t have Total Control. I just need the ST hub attached to the Zwave network. This will give me remote Zwave control but the alarm functions will stay separate. I do want the ST hub to have any communications with my my alarm system other than access to the Zwave network.

I have my Yale connected to my Tuxedo and the batteries last at least 6 months.