HONEYWELL TUXEDO TOUCH WiFi Security / Z-wave controller

(mark) #1

I have struggled for 2 years to make the HoneyWell Tuxedo touch Z-wave controller (and security system panel) to work nice with dozens of different z-wave devices. It has become clear that is useless, so I started looking for third party z-wave controllers that could manage the HW Tux Touch when enrolled as a secondary controller. Has anyone successfully done this? OR if you tried and KABOOM, could you please give me a heads-up.

(Bryan) #2

Hi Mark, did you ever figure out a solution to make the Tuxedo Touch a secondary controller?

(Edward W Santee) #3

Do it the other way around. Make the Smartthings hub a secondary controller. On the Tuxedo go to the Z-Wave menu. Push add Z-Wave device. Go to the Smartthings app, Locations, press the gear icon, then select your hub, then select Z-Wave utilities, then select Include/Exclude hub in existing Z-Wave network.

(Loscabosav) #4

I have been able to do this, however cannot see any of my ZWave devices from my Tuexedo on my SmartThings app. When first I added the SmartThings Hub to the Tuxedo it did show not on a secure network? When I scanned this changed but still cannot see anything from my Tuxedo on my SmartThings hub.

(Carmelo Joseph Rizza) #5

I read that if you make the ST hub the primary and the tuxedo secondary it will work. I haven’t had a chance to try this but would like to know how to know if it works and how to actually set it up.

(Loscabosav) #6

Issue is the Tuxedo will not allow connectivity to Total connect if used as
a secondary controller…

(Carmelo Joseph Rizza) #7

Does it still work locally for scenes? Have you tried using the web interface that is built in and by pass total connect?

(Loscabosav) #8

No, I would not bypass total connect as this is vital. All I am really
interested in doing at this point is to be able to integrate the Z-Wave
lighting and accessories. Not too concerned about alarm functions and
would rather keep those separate…

(Carmelo Joseph Rizza) #9

I have used the web service, it looks like you are looking at your tuxedo screen. It actually works better than the TC app as you are accessing it directly. I’m talking with someone about this that seems to know a great deal about the system. I will let you know what they say.

(Loscabosav) #10

Thanks a lot in advance. I am an alarm dealer and would love to be able to integrate Smart Things, but need to be cautious when added something foreign into alarm control as this could have devastating effects if it does not work correctly.

My preference is to have the Tuxedo as primary, and ST as secondary controller. In all reality I am concerned more about lighting and Z-Wave accessories and would like to be able to control. Tuxedo works pretty well overall for these purposes, with scenes, etc but would like to be able to have additional features that the ST can provide…