Suggestions to improve thermostat controls

I recently installed two Honeywell TH8320ZW thermostats. The installation and pairing process was very straightforward. Now that I can control them from my phone, I wanted to provide some feedback on the app controls themselves. Specifically, there are two areas that I think would really benefit from some UI changes:

    The way it cycles through Heat/Cool/Off is really poorly designed. If I have the heat on and I want to turn it to 'off', I can't do that without first cycling through 'cool'. That in turn unnecessarily cycles the AC compressor, placing wear/tear on the equipment. Suggestion: Create a way for the user to select 'Heat', 'Cool', or 'Off' directly, without having to cycle through other states first. (side note: I don't change the fan state that often -- I tend to leave it on auto. However, for those who do, I can see the same sort of UI issue with that control as well)

    Second, it is very, very difficult to select a specific temperature on the heat/cool sliders. Maybe I have fat fingers or something, but selecting ‘72’ on those darn sliders is nearly impossible. I can generally get within a couple degrees, but pulling my finger off the slider invariably (and unwittingly) adjusts the temperature up or down a couple degrees. This really needs to be improved.

Overall, it’s fantastic that I can control the thermostats from my phone, so please take this feedback in context – great solution overall that just needs a couple tweaks.



I’d like to tag onto Kurt’s comments. I’m a new ST user and thus far I’m very excited about the potential. It seamlessly integrated with my existing Honeywell Tuxedo Touch z-wave enabled alarm panel - and I think the ST team is doing some amazing stuff.

That said - Kurt is spot-on…the thermostat UI needs a bit of a redesign. I’ve also got two Honeywell thermostats connected, and the overall UI is pretty limited. Given that thermostat control is probably one of the highest overall use cases for home automation - I think the ST team would see great returns by investing some more time in that UI component. Simple up/down arrows for temperature control, easier switching between modes, etc.


I agree with both Kurt and BrianA - I am using the Android version and have experienced the same things when operating my CT101 RadioThermostats from within the SmartThings app.

I think this is already coming to Android - but a smoother way to adjust the program on the thermostats (to change setpoints at certain times of day and also in response to presence tags, possibly even NFC tags that would adjust a room based on a tap of a certain users phone) would improve this feature a lot.

Overall thermostat control is the feature I’m most excited about at the moment.

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I echo all the above comments. I just switched out my WiFi thermos for the Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007 thermos just so I can consolidate every gadget I can onto z-wave and the ST hub.

I was quite disappointed when I discovered the UI was so limited compared to Honeywell’s WiFi version.

The temperature sliders are fast and sensitive when trying to easily move in 1 degree steps. I think they should be up/down arrow buttons.

Cycling through Heat/Cool/Em Heat/Off instead of selecting what you want is not an effective method for control. Same thing with the fan control.

Can’t rename the thermo. I have 3 in my house, and they all say the same thing - “Z-Wave Thermostat”. As long as I don’t rearrange anything, I’ll just have to remember the 1st icon is 1st floor, 2 is the 2nd floor, etc. This definitely needs improved, or am I missing something?

Looking at the installation guide, I don’t see anything in the z-wave message section that discusses any way to adjust the program on the thermostats. The WiFi version was capable (via Honeywell’s website), but maybe not the z-wave version?

I’m still happy with the change, and can only hope that improvements are on the way.

Keep up the great work ST!

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I figured out how to change the names, and it was truly by accident!

Poking around on I was able to edit my devices and their names. I had no idea you could do this. How cool is that?

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I’m looking to connect a control panel to my home to arm and disarm the alarm. How did you connect your Tuxedo to the SmartThings hub?

Any update to the possibility of it not cycling through? I’d donate some cash for that problem to be fixed! It is kinda klunky…

I eventually gave up on ST, specifically because of the slow speed of development. This issue is a great example – it’s a simple fix, yet it’s received no attention whatsoever in the ~9+ months since I’ve posted it. Not even an acknowledgement.

Maybe the Samsung acquisition will allow ST to develop faster and do a better job with community relations. In the mean time, I’ve moved over to another platform.

Definitely want to second the comments about the temperature slider. The current slider is especially difficult to use in celsius - a metric where each degree is bigger, so you really want to be precise.

Also, my app cuts off the decimal place. If my thermostat reads 20.5, the app will show 21. (which … I dunno, like, 70, 80 or something fahrenheit?) It’d be useful if the app could display the number at the highest resolution provided by the thermostat.

Hi everyone, I’m very interested in trying to integrate the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch with ST. I see at the top of this thread @brianabrahamson mentioned he was able to seamlessly integrate the two. Any information on this would be very much appreciated!

Any resolution on this integration?

Are you referring to the thermostat integration, or the Honeywell alarm system integration? See this thread regarding the latter: New App: Integration with HoneyWell TotalConnect Alarm & Monitoring System.

Actually both I guess, just picked up a ST v2 and I already had a Tuxedo touch. Thanks for the link, does the integration only work with a total connect account? My system is self monitored. I have the honeywell thermostat as well, that was the first device I connected and wasn’t thrilled with the layout either.
Thanks for the help!

Yes, pretty sure you need a Total Connect account username and password for it to integrate.

I totally agree, two years later obviously nobody is listening…

I’ve long moved on to HomeSeer. It’s not as “pretty” as SmartThings, but it’s far more reliable and things Just Work.

Wow, I can’t believe we’re well into 2016 and this issue has not been addressed. I just bought the Honeywell z wave thermostat and I was very excited to gain remote control of my thermostat. However the ui makes it so difficult to change the temperature by only 1 or 2 degrees that it pretty much killed my excitement. This is very disappointing that they have not responded. Has anybody figured out a third party solution to controlling the thermostat precisely?

I just figured I’d tag on here to see if anyone has developed a new way to control the Thermostat. Same issues/requests for improvement. I’d love to be able to just type in a temperature rather than fight with that stupid slider.

Considering it’s been 2.5 years since I submitted the original enhancement request and they’ve never said a single word about it…I’m going to assume we’ve been placed on /ignore.

BTW, if you get sick of ST, check out HomeSeer. Not quite as “pretty” as ST, but far, far, FAR more reliable. Oh, and their development team responds to user requests.

/former ST customer, now HomeSeer customer

This is Crazy. This thing was so easy to set up, and I love the concept… but the slider is ridiculous. Every picture I see of themostat controllers has a plus minus simulation. Why not here? This is childish. I assumed when I bought it that I was missing something, and there would be several interfaces.

I was planning on using this as my base to build my whole ‘smart’ home around, but if this is how they handle the UI portion, then the rest will probably be harder. Additionally, I’ve got 2 Zwave and one wireless AC contollers (3 unit house). I was told this could control wireless as well, but I see nothing allowing me to do that.

Also, the nighttime ot sleep mode, only allows you to control one? Help. I am about to trade this in for something more firendly. Given that its been over two years that everyone is bringing this up, I doubt anyone will pay attention.

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