Helpme, there are other ways to connect First Alert Smoke and Cacbon Monixide to Smartthings Hub?

This device

I have tried many times.
Many different ways.

But I can’t pair it with ST Hub.
Help me!

Remove the battery. Add a Thing in the ST app. With the unit near the hub, hold in the test button and insert the battery.

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can not :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

I feel tired with First Alert

Well, it would help if you purchased the correct device.

In the first pic above, your detector has the words “with voice” printed on it. Unless there’s a new version, the zcombo doesn’t have voice alerts.

However, first alert does manufacture other models of smoke and CO detectors with a wireless interconnect capability that uses a proprietary protocol, not z-wave. And those detectors do have voice alerts.

So are you sure you purchased a first alert device with a z-wave radio in it? Obviously it won’t pair with ST if it doesn’t have that.

What’s the model # of the device in the picture?

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I believe this is the model you need:


Another Link:


I buy here (

Can you check for me, thanks!

You bought the wrong product. No z-wave radio in that one, as I suspected.

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Thanks you.
Before, I bought a z-wave product and saved this link, but it is wrong. Unfortunate :disappointed_relieved:

I recommend you look at the model # and specs on a product page before you purchase it.

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Thanks you!

I just purchased the Zcombo unit from Lowes yesterday and it paired easily. The package will say ZCOMBO on the bottom right of the package.