Helpme, there are other ways to connect First Alert Smoke and Cacbon Monixide to Smartthings Hub?


(Võ Thanh Minh) #1

This device

I have tried many times.
Many different ways.

But I can’t pair it with ST Hub.
Help me!

(Bradlee S.) #2

Remove the battery. Add a Thing in the ST app. With the unit near the hub, hold in the test button and insert the battery.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #3

can not :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

(Võ Thanh Minh) #4

I feel tired with First Alert

(Mark) #5

Well, it would help if you purchased the correct device.

In the first pic above, your detector has the words “with voice” printed on it. Unless there’s a new version, the zcombo doesn’t have voice alerts.

However, first alert does manufacture other models of smoke and CO detectors with a wireless interconnect capability that uses a proprietary protocol, not z-wave. And those detectors do have voice alerts.

So are you sure you purchased a first alert device with a z-wave radio in it? Obviously it won’t pair with ST if it doesn’t have that.

What’s the model # of the device in the picture?

(Brian Harding) #6

I believe this is the model you need:


(Brian Harding) #7

Another Link:


(Võ Thanh Minh) #8

I buy here (

Can you check for me, thanks!

(Mark) #9

You bought the wrong product. No z-wave radio in that one, as I suspected.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #10

Thanks you.
Before, I bought a z-wave product and saved this link, but it is wrong. Unfortunate :disappointed_relieved:

(Mark) #11

I recommend you look at the model # and specs on a product page before you purchase it.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #12

Thanks you!

(Brian Harding) #13

I just purchased the Zcombo unit from Lowes yesterday and it paired easily. The package will say ZCOMBO on the bottom right of the package.