First Alert Z-combo w/o ST Hub

I am currently using the ST app only to communicate to a Konnected fully rewired house alarm system and some wireless Wyze motion and door sensors all tied together with a really nice ActionTiles interface. I would like to add on my 4 First Alert Z-combo smoke/Co2 detectors into my system for monitoring, but it looks like they will only talk to a hub, and not the ST app on its own (which I didn’t realize when I bought them). Do I have any options for adding these w/o buying a hub? Thanks in advance for any help.

No you dont. You need something that speaks ZWave

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Any suggestions for what hub to get? Since the Samsung ones are no longer available are there any cheap ones that you recommend to just talk to these 4 devices? had the V3 in stock yesterday for $69. May be out of stock by now though

Could I get away with a used V2 or some other cheaper hub? I just hate paying $70 to see the status remotely for my smoke detectors since they will be the only devices that require the hub

Absolutely. I run my First alerts on a V2 hub and have no problems with them at all. Just so you know , you will need to press the test button every 2-3 months to refresh the battery level. They seem to have trouble refreshing the level on their own