First Alert 2-in-1 z-wave smoke & carbon monoxide detector $34.20 @ Amazon (April 21, 2019)


Oops… battery operated

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Moved to SimpliSafe, selling qty 6 First Alert ZCOMBO 2-in-1 Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Z-Wave Combo

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Can these be hardwired and communicate with each other?

Nope, they’re all independent and just battery.

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So I made the mistake that they can’t interconnect. Took all mine down, unpaired them, and ready to sell. Then I read the instructions. they can be wirelessly interconnected. Now I get to put them all back up.

Really? Can you explain how this is done? I pulled up the manual and saw nothing about interconnection, and just looked at the first alert website and it says this:

No mention of the zcombo. I’d love if they really do!

from here

Z-wave alarms don’t interconnect with other alarms. They will communicate with your smart home hub and send emergency push notifications when the alarm is triggered. Z-wave alarms use a specific frequency range of radio waves to link Z-wave alarms with Z-wave hubs, like Samsung’s SmartThings Hub or and the Ring Hub.
Z-wave alarms can only be connected to Z-wave hubs, so this option is best if you have a smart home hub that accepts Z-wave protocols and you want to receive push notifications about your alarms.
Note: Note: Z-wave alarms will still act as a single-station smoke/CO alarm if there is no hub.

I have 4 of these, they are okay. batteries (AA) last a long time but sometimes will read empty when they just need to be re-seated. old house so interconnection wasn’t a consideration.