Help with "AWAY/ HOME"

I am using my phone and my wife’s phone as presence sensors (in classic). Currently those seem to work in the devices. However, there seems to be no scenario that I can create were when I leave and she is home that when I leave… everything turns off and the mode changes to Away. I have the scene away set to … automatically preform away when Everyone leaves. Inside that I have selected both phones. I have the Home scene set as… Someone arrives and have both phones selected. When she shows arrives before me the mode also does not change to “Home”.

Things I have tried… Uninstalled all smart apps from my account, deleted both phones as sensors, removed the apps from both phones, deleted all scenes… re-installed all the smart apps, all smart apps, installed the new version of ST on both phones. Some how I have the same thing. I am at work (shows me away), she is at home (shows present). But when I look at the current mode of my home it shows “Away”

Even if I click on the device and and toggle to the recent is shows everything correct and the same under the smart apps

I am experiencing something similar. I can’t seem to link both cell phones to a single event. I purchased a ST arrival sensor and I am trying to use that is lieu of my wife’s phone. If I want the routine to run, I take my phone and the arrival sensor with me. If my wife is staying home, and I do NOT want the routine to run, I leave the arrival sensor behind as well.

I’ve always used the stock “I’m Back!” and “Goodbye!” Routines in the Classic App…When all phones are not present, the mode changes to Away. When any phone is present, the mode changes to Home.

You could install webCoRE and create the rule there. That’s almost guaranteed to work.


Giving this a shot @rontalley . I removed the “someone arrives/ everyone leaves” under the Away and home then set it up as Goodbye and Im back.

I see your “Big screen Play station” routine… Are you using a harmony hub and controlling your TV/ PlayStation or just setting lights. Just curious I have a harmony remote without the hub and for some reason I never though to see if it was compatible with the PS4.

I was going to buy an presence sensor and put it in her car, but then if she would leave with me in my car then nothing would shut off/ lock/ arm. But the phones are showing up as presence. I have some glass break sensors and motion sensors along with a open close sensor in my safe that will set on an siren. I disabled it because when I was leaving then she walks thru the house… a siren goes off. Not sure why, but she isnt a big fan of that.

I have 4 Harmony Hubs. For that room, I have a Projector and TV alone with two AVRs, sound-bar, bass shakers for my chairs, sub woofers, etc…So the Harmony Hub is essential for changing all the necessary inputs and ST for turning on/off stuff all built into the Routine.

In that room, the PS3 is used strictly as a BD Player and works with the Harmony Via Bluetooth. Two of my family members have PS4s for gaming but Harmony didn’t work with them or the Nintendo Switch.

I haven’t tried it myself but there is a DTH for the PS4 now.

Well she made it home before me and the hub changed is status to home… Who would have thought.

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Now when you both are gone and it changes to Away, be sure to mark my post as the solution. :grin:

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