Automatically Change Mode to Away?

Is there a way to automatically change mode to away? I understand I can do it with a manual routine, but I want the mode to change to away when my ONLY presence sensor (my iPhone) leaves the property. Can this be done automatically? thx

If you open the smartthings app, go to automation->routines, and click the Gear icon for the “Goodbye!” routine, at the bottom under Additional Settings, you can chose “Automatically perform Goodby when”, then choose the behavior you want.


To clarify, once there, choose “Everyone Leaves” and then select just your phone under “Which”. If this is clear as mud, let me know, and I can write up clear instructions for you.


Thank you! Not sure how I missed that! LOL

No problem.

I’m using the ‘Nobody Home’ SmartApp. It works great.

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You’ve probably worked this out already but if not.
If you do use the ‘Goodbye’ routine, then you will need to use the I’m Back routine to set it back.
Perhaps use Someone arrives.


If you look in the Marketplace under Presence & Modes, there’s a Smart App called “Routine Director” that will monitor presence and change modes based on sunset, sunrise, and away, and back.

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Not here in the U.K… Yet another pointless Samsung US only thing I expect.

Is there a way to get a log to generate in the app when the mode is changed? I see the mode change but don’t see it anywhere in the activity feed (More–>Notifications) and dont see it tied to any of my things “Recently” section

Use CoRE, then you can do anything you like as a result of presence change (including: get a text message, a push notification, a notification to your events log)