Presence Sensors Working Independently

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I just want to throw this out there because this stuff can get a little overwhelming for me ( not very good with tech ). My situation is that both my fiancé and I work in an operating room which requires us to take call overnight. Regarding hello home actions, what is the best way for our Away mode to trigger despite the fact that not all of us have left? I know it sounds easy enough to take your phone and hit good morning an then i’m leaving as you are driving away but the one condition that has been laid out with me messing with the house is that it doesn’t complicate her life. It’s a fair trade considering the money I’m putting out. What would be the best way to handle it? I thought about a remote at her bedside to allow her to hit one button to wake the house up but that doesn’t fix putting the house back in away mode after she leaves. If she is going in for an emergency I don’t expect her to remember that she has to put the house back to away mode. Any suggestions would be much appreciated but I have limited knowledge about this stuff.


What exactly happens differently between

Both of you home
One home and one away
Both away


The way to handle things will depend on the desired outcome, which could be different for different households.

When we are both home the house is set to whatever I have set it for. So when we are gone during the day the hub knows and sets the home to away mode. When we are home and one of us leaves the hub keeps it in home mode because there is still one of us present. The problem is trying to figure out how to set the home back in away mode after she gets called in during the middle of the night. I believe the action only allows the away mode to trigger if all of us leave.

If one person leaves while middle of the night, trigger away after 15 minutes. Translate that to Hello home actions, and you’re good.

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Would setting independent Hello, Home actions work?

Set the HH action to only fire when ____ presence sensor leaves and set the time to the overnight hours that you want that to happen. Set up an action like that for each sensor.

Just a thought.

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I live in a similar situation with me and a roommate. I have home and away set automatically when everyone leaves or anyone is home. I have separate actions tied to my arrival and departure and same for my roommate. Example: when I leave lights in my bedroom turn off, when my roommate leaves lights in his bedroom turn off, when we are both gone both bedrooms lights turn off as well as the den and kitchen.