In the new app, what changes mode to 'away'

So I am totally flushing the classic app out of my system. I just removed the “I’m back” and “goodbye” apps from the “hello home” app. Question though:

What triggers the house to ‘away’ mode. Is there something automatic, or do I need to do an automation?

Or would it be a scene?

You need to enable Use Phone Location in Settings. Then you can set up Automations to set your Modes.

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You need to write your own automations to do whatever you had the Routines doing. The custom automations cannot replace all routines one to one, so if you find yourself chaining two automations together with a virtual switch or other intermediary (e.g. the STHM mode) you are not alone.

if you have diffiernt types of presance sensor your looking at 3 per home/away
if you put a location rule in the ‘if’ you cant use it in the ‘then’ either! also it wont let you select any sceens which have a mode in as well!!

I’ve seen it suggested you can sneak the mode change into a scene after you’ve added it to the automation.

Other irritations include not being able to choose more than one security mode for an ‘if’ condition, and if you have a security mode as the ‘then’ action it adds a notification action every time you edit it.

yea, to make a tweek i have to remove the mode change fro the sceen, edit the automations and put it back! Go new app, much more user unfendly !
why does ST make things so hard it like one step back!

Agreed! My “Away” mode is for when I am out of town for extended periods and use an “At Work” mode during the day. I also change modes throughout the day. I use the modes to set thermostats and other devices through smartapps that trigger on mode changes. BUT I have to be able to include either “if these modes” OR “if NOT these modes.” Just as all of you, I’ve learned I cannot use modes in both the “If” clause and the “Then” clause. I’ll try to set one up then edit a scene to add Mode after I create the automation.

I emailed Support. They were friendly but couldn’t solve my problem. They did NOT say that this functionality was coming in a later update.

It DOES appear that you can edit a scene after you create an automation to include a mode change on both sides of an If . . . Then clause.

Of course, this means in order to change modes you must create 3 scenes for each mode:

  1. Scene w/o mode change (e.g. to set lights without a mode change).

  2. Scene with mode change for use in an automation.

  3. Scene with mode change only.

This is insane! Note, also, finding the current mode is very difficult to find. The only place I can find it is under Manage Location.

Can the Smartthings development group please go back to the drawing board on this?