[RELEASE] PS4 Device Handler

Want to control your PS4? I got you!

I found this device handler started by chronostriker1 but needed some work. I just finished working on it and wanted to share. I even added the ability to start/switch up to 3 games :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t fully understand this, but does this use the SmartThings hub to turn on the PS4 or does it talk to an external device like a RPi and tell it to turn on the PS4?

Hi @Supersilver. Sony only allows for it’s controller or the Second Screen app to manipulate the power of a PlayStation. So the way this works is that we use a program called ps4-waker built by dhleong to simulate the Second Screen app. Since we cannot install things directly on the SmartThings hub, we have to install ps4-waker on something else, like another computer or Raspberry Pi. I even heard of people running ps4-waker on their pfSense router. Essentially, this device handler just sends HTTP commands to the device you installed ps4-waker onto and then that device will issue commands to the PlayStation to make it do things.

Ah okay I understand now, it’s unfortunate it can’t just work on the hub itself but I guess it might be good to invest in a raspberry pi or something, thanks for the help.

Thanks aq lotttt for this!

One question though, I put in God of War as the Game ID, but it won’t start…

@fearz, sorry for my delayed response!

What exactly are you using for the Game ID?

Are you using God of War for the Game ID? If so, that will not work as God of War is not a valid Game ID :slight_smile:

The Game ID for US Region God of War is CUSA07408