Everyone Leaves not acting on all devices

I have 2 iPhones set up as mobile presence sensors for automations.

  • Perform “I’m Back” if someone arrives (switching mode into home and triggering things to come on)

  • Perform “Goodbye” if everyone leaves (to switch into away when nobody is left in the house, turning stuff off)

The I’m back seems to be working fine, switching into home mode if either of us arrive at home. But the Goodbye, everyone leaves command ALWAYS fires when I leave, even though the app still shows the other phone as “present”. I’ve confirmed a thousand times that both users are checked in the “who” section of the everyone leaves automation. I’ve tried deleting the entire goodbye automation and re-adding it. Nothing seems to be working to get it to keep the system in home mode if I’m the only one to leave. I still get the “the lights just all went out” text message when I get down the street, every time without fail.

I’m in ST Classic, how do I fix this. Has anyone else had a similar issue with the everyone leaves command being weird. Do I reset to factory settings and start over with everything? Should I switch to the new app?


If you are in ST Classic, you are doing this with a Routine, right? It may just be terminology, but you are selecting both of you in the Everyone Leaves “Which” section? (There isn’t a “Who” in Classic in Routines.)

Did it ever work or is this new for you? Mine works fine, but it’s just me for the departure detection.

Be sure that the phones are still updating their status. Reports are coming in that people’s phones have been dropping off after he last update. Might need to remove and add back.

That’s with the STSC app, not the Classic app.

Happened to me in the Classic App. Just realized today.

But you said “reports” are coming in… so far you are the only one I have seen to report the issue. And not unusual in and of itself, presence does stop working once in a blue moon, just opening the presence sensor and saving resolves the issue :slight_smile:

Also, if you create a presence location in STSC, you will see it in the Classic app I believe.

I just responded to two other post, that’s what made me check mines…

ST created a whole new device last Friday…

Then link those posts in your thread

Yes I’m in classic, and it’s within the default Goodbye routine, which I’ve renamed to “leaving home” and at this point deleted and rebuilt a handful of times.

Yes both of us are checked u see the “which” section within everyone leaves. And it does save properly, if I go back into it later and check, both of us are still checked, so everything app-wise looks correct.

It used to be just me, and it always worked without a hitch. Now that I’m living with someone else and have added them everyone leaves is malfunctioning.

Both phones are showing their location properly as present or away whenever open the app to check.clicking in tothem it also shows them both tied to the appropriate automations as presence sensors.

This may not be what you are looking for, but seeing how presence has always been hit or miss to at least some extent in ST, you might want to explore another method of detecting, such as IFTTT.

@jwpettit. Did you ever get this figured out? I am having the exact same issue and set up you described where I have two presence sensors selected but the “goodbye” routine runs if either one of us leaves even thought the other is still showing present.

It’s like the “everyone Leaves” is acting like an “OR” not and “AND”.

I gave up and quit Smartthings. Way too much unresolved bugginess when Homekit+Hue works flawlessly.