Help! My ST Hub v3 is INACTIVE and appears OFFLINE on APP

Starting from yesterday night the ST hub v3 is shown OFFLINE on my Android app.
The ST light is green, I tried restarting by taking the power off and on (no reset) - but without any success.

If I reset it - will I have to to reconfigure everything?
Things (Hue lights / Fibaro switches / Sensors…), Scenes, Automations?

Any tips?

Don’t reset it because you will have to start all over.

I’d reach out to support, as long and as painful as that sounds, before doing a reset.

Figured out that there was an automation rule that somehow caused the hub to get into endless loop.
Weird as this did not happen on the previous hub firmware version.

With the great help of @posborne that helped with pin-pointing the problem, removing that automation (on virtual switch) - everything went back to normal.

Big thank-you to @posborne :clap:


Apparently Samsung ran some maintenance last night, pushing new firmware version.

I guess they have some kind of crises on their side after the upgrade that they are not revealing yet… :frowning:

The problem is that they are not transparent and are not responding on the support call…

Hi @RoyK,

You might want to post your issue here if it’s related to the firmware update.

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