Smarthings Hub offline / online September 25th

My hub went offline on the 25th. There was a firmware update and now all of my devices show offline, and my hub light is blue.

I tried rebooting hub. Saw there was another issue on August 10th for some people.

2020-09-25 5:36:03.244 PM EDT
3 days ago HUB hubStatus inactive
3 days ago HUB hubStatus disconnected

Any ideas?

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Try powering it off for several minutes.

Open a support ticket with ST support and have them investigate.

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I’m having same issue!

After the firmware upgrade, I unplugged the hub from power and Ethernet, made sure it had no batteries in it. Walked around the house, had a cup of coffee.

Plugged back in, generally everything is back.

Mine was off-line for seven hours yesterday. It eventually came back on-line after the third time I unplugged it and plugged it back in. It seems to be random whether it wants to connect after a hard restart.

Hi all,
I’ve a similar problem with my v2 hub offline, I’ve read thru a few of the threads here and tried resetting and leaving it off and unplugged with no success, it keeps returning to a solid blue led.
I’ve tried to email samsung support but the replies are the same wrong department, if possible could anyone post a link to where I should be raising an issue would be so grateful,
Thanks julian in the uk

My hub-v2 went offline on 9/28 and I JUST got it back (10/2).
Ethernet connection OK. I had also reset the hub a few times with no luck before I finally contacted Support via the app. They got back to me, asked for info which I sent, and then mysteriously the hub came back online tonight.
All but 1 device is now working. If it is not back online by tomorrow, I will delete and re-add.

be patient and do not delete or reset. they are sending out a new update to fix the issue

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