Solid blue light on Hub V3 un UK (1 May 2021)

Seems my ST V3 hub went offline around 3am and now is showing a solid blue light.
I believe this indicates it can’t connect to the internet.
I have checked in the IDE and that says the hub is inactive.
Rebooted the hub several times by pulling the power.
I have rebooted the router and modem and all other devices are connecting to the internet OK.
I can see the hub in the connected devices on the router and can also ping the hub’s ip ok!

At the moment, I have very few automations that function as it seems a lot rely on the internet being connected and in particular, the mobile App relies on this too.
Interestingly, some wi-fi devices are functioning - but almost all other devices are offline in the App!
Any help very much appreciated as the WAF is going to take a big hit today!!

I have exactly the same behaviour ST V3 Hub based in France except IDE shows hub as ACTIVE.
Solid blue light. Devices showing last activity about 7 hours ago. Reboot makes no difference.
Only devices that are controllable are the WIFI smart plugs. None of the Zigbee devices are working.
Firmware version 000.036.00005

Ah…could be a general issue in Europe with the servers maybe.
I’m on this firmware too: 000.036.00005.
Do you know if that’s a new firmware update at all?

I do have some Zigbee (Smarthings original devices) whose automations are working but I don’t have many of these.
I have around 100 devices and really don’t want to do a hardware reset.


I am in Norway and are unable to control both Zigbee and Z-wave devices. Tried rebooting hub, repairing Z-wave network etc. It started around 7 hours ago.

On firmware version 000.036.00005 also.

Is your hub showing as ACTIVE in the IDE?

User from Sweden here and I have the same issue. Solid blue light on my Hubb, firmware 000.036.00005.

Tried several restarts on both my hubb and router and also a soft reset on the hubb, nothing helps.

My hubb is inactive in the IDE.

Same here in Germany. Tried several reboots, but nothing worked out.
Hub ist INACTIV with the firmware version 000.036.00005.
No Zigbee or Z-Wave Devices are reachable.

Guess must be some Europe wide issues with Samsung servers or just affects some users on certain Samsung servers.
I was thinking of Soft Reset but was saving that as a last resort.


Thanks for replying.
Looks like issues at the Samsung end then. Guess we can only wait until they fix it.

Not sure if anyone knows of a way of raising this issue with Samsung, as I guess it’s possible they may not be aware of it?

Same issue here in Sweden, ST Hub v3 with solid blue light. Tried rebooting and soft resetting but no luck.

Switzerland here, same issue. I managed to get it back online putting it on my non-managed network (no VLAN firewall rules, no DNS filtering, etc). It did take a few reboots and “some time”. Is anyone above using VLANS, DNS Filtering, or other non-standard Firewall rules?

Status update just went out

Investigating - Starting at 1:30AM UTC, some users in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions may have begun experiencing issues with hubs and devices appearing as offline in the app. Hubs may show a blue LED at this time as well. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.

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They are aware of it! :raised_hands:
Take a look here:

Great news…lets hope it’s fixed quickly.


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Guys, my Hub just got back to status ACTIV :raised_hands:
Everything works fine again.

Same here! :+1:

Same here! :grin:

Two nights in a row the Hub disconnected and showed solid blue next day. Today I couldnt get it to reconnect at all so tried the soft reset procedure - I assumed that fixed it but looks like it was a server issue after all.

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