ST Hub constantly going offline now


Need some help with this. Lately (not exactly sure when it started) my v3 hub is constantly going offline for a couple of mins before coming back. I havent changed anything within SmartThings in ages. I’m on firmware version 000.039.00006 and when I look at the events today, it doesnt make any sense to me. What I see is:

Can anyone give me an idea of where to start with this please?


Start with network connectivity. Is the Internet stable? How is your hub connected to your network? Is THAT connection stable… Etc.

No issues at all with my home network. Hub connects to a TP-Link Deco M5 that is maybe 1 foot away. Again no changes on this side either. I’m running live logging now in the IDE to hopefully catch the next time this happens. Hopefully it’ll give me some sense of what (if anything) is going on in the lead up to this happening.

the 39.06 firmware was pushed out this week so that would account for one brief outage :slight_smile:

i had some minor problems with things after the firmware update, but an IDE restart of the hub took care of things for now.

I didnt realise that firmware was newly released. I tried restarting the hub previously but it made no difference. I had another failure overnight but today seems a little better. I’ll continue to monitor and see how it goes. Hopefully its just a gremlin that goes away.

I had the same issue for a couple of weeks, the hub goes offline/online at least 1 or 2 time a week for a couple of week

Is there more release than before ? If so, those release are push at anytime of the day…

Mine seems to have settled down now but I continue to monitor. Since the notification that the latest firmware rollout is complete, the stability of my hub seems to have improved.

I have the same issues , goes on and off when changing the mode for up to an hour. What did you do to fix it?

4-5 more restart this week, can’t imagine it’s because of an update…