Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

I notched a little bit of the drywall and pushed the zigbee antenna up. The RF antenna is inside the metal cover

No issues with 3 fans so far

Yes, actually I did. My Antenna (RF/Zigbee) are both under the cowl and it works just fine. The only other “Zigbee” device that is on that floor, is 1 GE Link bulb… The SmartThings hub is down a floor and on the other side of the house, in my office.

So. There you go.


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Just to add my own experience, the one controller that I have installed kept losing connection. I revisited the info laid out here

And remembered that I never reset the 2.4ghz wifi channel (11) on the replacement gateway that Comcast sent me recently. Almost immediately the fan came back online.


For whatever it’s worth, I moved my units to an old Gen 1 Wink hub. Been solid 4 weeks straight so far. Wink Hub Gen 2 has the disconnect problems, though.

I had one I installed stopped responding to SmartThings and its remote. I figured maybe way I had it squeezed against cowl had friction short it out. It just so happened I’d ordered another receiver and remote/receiver pair for another fan. So I set one of the new receivers to the same dipswitch as the old remote/receiver combo, and replaced the one that had stopped working.

After installation, I tried testing with the old remote and could not control it. Befuddled, I tried using the brand new remote with same dipswitch setting and it worked immediately…The old remote still would not. Does anyone know of any “pairing” process that happens on the remote that has to be reset if getting a new receiver? It seems very strange that only my “virgin” remote would control the new receiver. I tried using same batteries across both, new batteries, etc…Only difference seemed to be one was previouly used to work the old receiver…

This time since I couldn’t really find a good way to get the zigbee controller through the cowl, I just installed everything inside and figured if it worked great, if not I’d figure something out later. I went through the reset/pairing process but I could not get the lights to blink after the 5 3s on 3s off routine. I found that strange as I thought even if the zigbee antenna was blocked inside the cowl, the fan itself should at least reset.

Anyway curiuos if anyone knows what might be up with remote not working when on same dip setting? Also curious if anyone has good way to test the original receiver I took out. Should I just get a short extension cord, cut it and connect outlet to AC lines of reciver? Then test with multi to see different voltages I get on fan/light wires when connected back to fan neutral? I opened it up and didn’t see any obvious signs of blown fuse, bulged capacitors, etc…

Scott, I would move this post to either the device handler thread or the First Impressions thread for more suggestions

Don’t give up on resetting. For some reason some reset easier than others, try not waiting 3 secs but only 1 sec between when cycling the breaker power.

While in Florida I decided to buy four of these modules to save on shipping and was extremely happy as I am one of the persons who couldn’t wait for this module to be release and did the GE Zwave Fan switch + Aeon Labs Z-Wave In-Wall Micro Controller + Aeon Labs Minimote combo (which was really expensive). I also bought 2 TR227A Remote Control and 2 In wall remote controls and was as happy as can be. 5 days after installing and setting them up, I would send a command from the Smartthings app and it wouldn’t respond for hours and come back without warning. This is still happening while other devices on Smartthings consistently work find. The remotes work well regardless so I suspect it is a device handler issue. The other thing is that the 2 in wall remotes that I purchased tends to kill the A23 battery after 2 days. Unless I can hard wire this switch I cant afford to keep them. This whole experience has been a disaster and I am hoping the device handler issue will be resolved and I can come up with a solution to the in wall remote because I really like the idea of having an in-wall remote for some rooms as oppose to the handheld remote which can easily be displaced.

Please read the device handler thread in detail. There are many things creating issues and making troubleshooting this particular device a pain. While I admit the DTH could be part of the problem, it seems less and less likely. Especially when the official Wink fan and Wink hub are having very similar issues.

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I get you. Sounds like just a bad choice to begin with.

After a lot of testing and experimenting, I’m pretty sure there is no fault in the DTH. Thinking about it, I’ve considered whether there were any suggestions I could make to @stephack to make the DTH more resilient to the controller’s faults, but I don’t even think that’s possible. It loses contact and is gone until it decides to come back.

I don’t even believe - bear in mind that I don’t know what I’m taking about - it’s the fault of the mesh because I see the controller drop off even when it is directly connected to the ST hub. I just think the fan controller ZigBee radio is flakey. Perhaps the most I could ask of @stephack, as the preeminent expert on the device, is to open communications with the manufacturer to diagnose the issues.


Lol, I’ve been called many things in my life but that’s the first.

I have reached out to the manufacturer (King of Fans) and only got an email to one of their lead technicians. I have requested information and provided details about the issue but have never received a response. I wish I had more time to invest into finding the appropriate contact but unfortunately I do not. I’m in “wait and see” mode and have no plans to make further changes to the device type till , at the very least, the ST related issues settle down (status updates, general ZigBee and zwave device disconnects, etc).

Let’s see what firmware 18.xx brings (fingers crossed…on both hands) :wink:


I have four of these modules and two of the in-wall remotes myself. Although it is driving me nuts trying to troubleshoot this device with so many variables of the ST platform acting flaky, it does seem to be pointing directly towards the device and its associated firmware. I am hoping the manufacture engineers although not responding to our preeminent expert @stephack are actually trying to dig into it and getting it fixed.

My in-wall remotes are not experiencing battery issues you are describing. I have had them in for several weeks with no issues. I’ll report back when I have my first battery failure but so far its been solid on that front.


I truly believe that title should go to @dalec. I just gather bits of code and assimilate them into a hodge podge that I can bend to my will. Barely a coder much less an expert but thanks for the ego boost anyway.

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Today I installed the GE Smart Fan Switch and the custom device handler. It works great to control the light on my Hunter fan but won’t control the fan

Any chance there is a solution for a single wall switch that turns on the light at the unit while the fan needs to be turned on by the Hunter remote?

I called Hunter and they said I had to run another line and switch to separate the fan and light, what a pain

Still trying to see if this setup might help me

Thanks in advance

Assuming you have the zigbee fan controller installed. You’ll need this switch to control both light and fan. Does the fan work through the ST app?
Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Wireless Wall Control https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L7VABFO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_gCr5swdZClT3A

Hey Tvot84

I installed the GE Smart Fan switch in the wall. The switch and the ST device in the app using the DTH only control the light, not the fan initially

If I turn off the light with the remote and turn on the fan with the remote, now I can control the fan with the ST app/dth

This is so close I can almost taste it, well sort of LOL


Edit: Actually, I can only control the fan when using the standard Dimmer DTH, when using the custom DTH, I can only turn the fan off, can’t change the speed. For both DTHs, on/off only controls the light

The switch you have will only be able to control one or the other. I’m still a little confused by what your hardware is. Do you have anything installed on the fan itself? Or did you JUST add a wall switch?

Just the wall switch, nothing in the fan housing

Options as I see it

  1. So I could install a separate wall switch and have one for light and one for fan
  2. Install a new remote and receiver (I think)

Yes, those are your options. You’ll either have to install a second wall switch like the guys at Hunter said. Or read through the thread linked below. You’ll be able to control light (on/off/dimming) and fan (on/off/speeds) with one wall switch. Or just a remote if you like.

I’m in the same boat here. Installed the Gardinier fan with the Zigbee controller night before last. Literally have tried pairing it hundreds of times with no blinking.

This may be a dumb question, but the instructions are vague enough that I figured I would ask to clarify.

I have a wall switch that kills all power to the fan. Should I be turning it off and on (for 3 seconds) 5 times? I’ve also tried using the remote. I’ve also tried the process using the breaker switch. Nothing seems to be working and I’ve had some finnicky installs before.

Is it possible that it could be the unit or do you guys have any other recommendations? I’m kinda running out of ideas here.