Home Depot Wink Ceiling Fan


(Daniel ) #1

I recently bought this wink connected fan: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Decorators-Collection-Gardinier-52-in-LED-Brushed-Nickel-Ceiling-Fan-43260/206648825

Is there any chance of it being able to be used with SmartThings or will I have to switch or get a wink HUB?

(Daniel Pena) #2

Does it have zigbee or Z-wave? Does it require the Wink hub or just the wink app?

(Daniel ) #3

I do not know if it is zigbee or z-wave definitely, but from other forums it seems it may be zigbee. And it requires the hub and the app.

(Daniel Pena) #4

Have you tried adding a device via the SmartThings app?


The website doesn’t say if it’s zigbee or zwave. If it is like other Wink labeled products at Home Depot, it should work with ST. It has a remote for control and requires a hub to control from a smartphone. ST hub should work in place of wink hub.

(J Bentz) #6

Anyone have luck with this fan yet?

I found one at the local store this last weekend, but when I got it home and opened it, I realized that someone had taken the controller and the remote, and returned the box to the store. I’m trying to track down another one that is actually complete.


I just purchased the fan and it seems to pair with the SmartThing hub ok, but now the status is “Please Wait”.

There is a similar posting: Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

Hopefully with the info I posted there someone can help figure out how to program this device into SmartThings

(Ranga Pedamallu) #8

Just released a device handler, you can try it.