Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

It’s still not available at any stores near my zip code and they aren’t selling it online yet. Wonder where you can get one?

I’m in St. Louis and two of the HD stores in the area were getting a few units. The store I normally shop at was getting three of them; I had one of the workers go find one on the receiving dock before they were put on the store shelves.

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My HomeDepot doesn’t have it yet… Does anyone have a current website link for the item they could post?

After clicking “Check Inventory at Other Stores” enter one of the following store numbers in the search: #1904, #1918 or #1948. Each had two in inventory this morning.

@beckwith Do you have the url link for the Hampton Bay fan? The one in the original post is not valid. This one is valid for the Home Decorators Collection Gardinier 52 in. LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan but I thought there was a less expensive Hampton Bay option available at around $119

UPDATE: 03/03/2017
If you can’t wait for the controller to become available at retail you can order the repair parts direct from manufacturer at 800-749-3267
King of Fans
Model #43260
UPC code 82392 43260
Wink Receiver MR101Z (J) $32
**Remote Control TR227A (K) $25
Total for both with shipping $72 which is 7-10days

** EDIT: However you don’t have to get the (K) Remote Control stated in the manual if you prefer an in-wall mounted version or a Thermostatic version instead. See my post#156 here

I also asked about the repair parts for the ZigBee Fan Controller Model # 99432 itself to verify parts between the universal retail version ZigBee controller and the one included with the Gardiner Fan but her computer system didn’t help her identify the difference. (there is a reverse button on the Home Decorators Eastwind not found on the Universal model)

Thanks to @pilot04 for posting the images

I don’t know if they are going to release it in retail so I contacted the supplier Home Decorators Collection 800-986-3460 to simply order the parts I needed that is shown in the installation manual which for fan Model # 43260 is Part J “Receiver” and Part K “Remote control”

I have my review on this ZigBee receiver here.

As of today I was told that it will be 2-3 weeks before repair parts stock comes in because this is such a new model fan and to try back then. She didn’t have a price or even for sure if those parts would be available but to check back.

UPDATE 10/2016
I called the parts department 1-800-283-6513 to order the Wink receiver(J) and remote control(K) only. I am being informed now that they will only cost $80 and should be available by the end of November. So at least they have a price now on the parts and the price is great comparing it to purchasing a motor controller and light switch plus you get the remote control! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed this can be paired and a device handler written for SmartThings.


That first link was for the remote only which it seems Home Depot pulled. With 1.6k clicking the link, they probably were inundated.

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there is a big quality control issue with these fans/remote modules

i bought 2 and both the remote units would turn off on high speed (#4) and ended up returning them

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I don’t understand, you mean when the fan was running on high it would turn off by itself? Or pressing the high button causes the fan to turn off instead? Or something else?

when you turned the fan on speed 4 it would spin and turn off by itself

I’m still a little confused when you state speed #4. Here is the instruction manual that shows the high speed is how it starts up in #1. So you are saying that when you turned on the fan with the first click press and one LED indicator was on that it was not on high speed but would turn off? Then if you continued on to the second LED it would go from OFF to Medium speed?

However I am more interested in if you were able to pair it up successfully with SmartThings. How did that process go?

The first 3 speeds work without an issue. As soon as you switched to the highest speed the fan would turn off requiring a reset from the wall on/off switch.

Maybe I stumbled across a bad batch.

But what about pairing it with SmartThings hub? How did that go?

Sorry for asking again but I am still confused because according to the manual the Fan starts at the highest speed. Is your manual different than the one I posted a link on?

Yes I’m still confused too. When you push the fan button on the remote once, does it go to the highest speed? Like in the manual @dalec posted.

Has anyone had success pairing the 52in Gardiner Fan with Smartthings? Is that even possible?

The controller is pair to Wink hub via ZigBee. There is no ceiling fan device from SmartThings, I don’t think it could be linked.
Does anyone interest on Wi-Fi connected ceiling fan controller? It will be worked with Amazon Alexa, Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Home. If it’s price USD$129, do you want to buy?
For future, it also will be support with SmartTings.

Looks interesting. Does it also control the light ? Do you have a link where to buy it from ? Thanks

Depends on what else it can do, such as feed the dog, sweep the floors, etc … :wink:
$129 is extremely high priced for just a fan/light controller that isn’t even SmartThings compatible.

UPDATE: Based on yabi23 additional posts it looks like it was just my misunderstanding of his original post. I think he was just trying to post about the Gardinier 52 in. LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan itself not just a controller. What throws me off is he said $129 when HomeDepot prices this fan at $199 in my local store? So @yabi23 if you are saying you have info on just the controller itself please post a link for me.

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As soon as ST supports this I’m in. I would hate to spend $200 to replace my working yet old and ugly fan with this and find out ST never supports it.