Hampton Bay Zigbee fan controller not pairing

Finally waited for one of these to come in stock at my local Home Depot. Remote and everything are working fine, however, ST does not seem to detect it. I know people out there have this thing working. Can someone tell me how you were able to get it into pairing mode?


Did you try the instructions from the manual. You have to pair when you first power on the fan, otherwise you have to reset it and try again.

On the Home Depot, Page, it says you need install to the device handler first

I did. The reset does not seem to be functioning

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Thanks I didn’t see the device Handler. I’ll take a look at that right away

You mean you can’t do the factory reset? Does it function with the remote? You’re sure you have it wired correctly and power to it?

Yes the remote functions fine. However when I do the power on and off
sequence in the manual, the factory reset does not seem to do anything or
blink like it’s supposed to

And you did the on off cycle 5 times?

Yes I’m actually trying it right now. I’m assuming I should use the power
button? I leave it on for 3 seconds, I turn it off for 3 seconds. 5 times.
I’m assuming the light that is supposed to Blink is supposed to be the
light group on the fan? Or is there some light on the controller module?
Thank you

Sorry, I think it means turn power off to the unit, not with the power button.

Where would I do that? I dont think there is an OFF button on the module. And I do not have a light switch on the wall.

Actually you were spot on. Unhooked the hot power wire and replugged it and it started to pair It is now added and I will work through the DHT setup.



Ok that is all working great now. Last question…

I named my “Thing” The Fan…

I can now say Turn on the fan, and turn off the fan, no problem. However, I can’t figure out how to change the fan speed. Tapping in the app works fine, but if I try voice commands like “Set The Fan to level 1”, it does not understand.

Is there a specific command I need to give for this to work with voice?


Nevermind, figured it out. All is well. Thanks again

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Hello, I hope I’m not breaking any form rules by jumping in but I am having the very same issue. I bought the fan control a week ago and installed it yesterday, and everything is working correctly with the remote control and the SmartThings app recognized it right away as thing and successfully paired with the device but doesn’t completely finish and seems to be stuck at “please wait”. Can you tell me how you resolved this? What is the device handler? Is a Wink Hub required to use this with an Amazon Echo or is the SmartThings Hub all that’s needed?

Are you using the ST Classic app or the new Connect app?

I am using the SmartThings classic app. Should I be using the other one?

Did you perform a power-cycle at the breaker before pairing? Did you perform the factory reset before pairing?

It pains me to say this but I didn’t do either of those. I honestly didn’t know to. It didn’t come with the instructions. However, I have done the reset with the light switch the flipping it off for 3 seconds and then back on for 3 seconds repeated 5 *. It seems to pair with the SmartThings app or at least it recognizes it and says that it has successfully paired with one new device. Just doesn’t seem to complete the process and is stuck on please wait.

I will say this, whenever it pairs up, it blinks 5 times instead of 3. Does that mean anything?

That is the factory reset procedure. And the 3 blinks indicates that the fan has been reset to factory defaults. When you say “doesn’t complete the process” what do you mean? I didn’t see mine blink when it was paired. When you say “stuck on” what exactly does that mean?