Hampton Bay Wink Enabled Fan Controller on sale @ HD (28 August 2019)

On sale for $34.97 (30% off)

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Showing regular price for me: 49.99

That’s because this was yesterday’s
daily deal & yesterday is gone.


Thanks @JDRoberts for the edit.

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Home Depot $37.99 (12%) off

Still available for 37.99

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Has anyone used these? Can anyone provide feedback on install set up and reliability on use?

They are not the best, but if you don’t have the proper wiring to install a fan controller in the wall, they are really your only option to automate a ceiling fan.
You can use a dual relay, but those will only give you on/ off control and you will still have to control the fan speeds with the old pull chain.

Thanks for the feedback!

I currently have fan remotes for all my fans but was looking for a cheaper way to automate them coming on and off at certain times to alleviate the forget factor. I was hoping this would do the trick. Sounds like it will.

WIfi fan controller with Alexa

Amazon has one that works with Goolge Home and Alexa.
User feedback says cannot control light with voice.

Thanks! I don’t need voice control as much as I need physical control of the device via SmartThings…now to figure out what device handler it uses?

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I ended up having to replace the builtin antenna on mine after accidently breaking it. I also transitioned to Home Assistant, but recently this device has been really stable for me (using repeaters and making sure there is no wifi interferance)

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