Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Zigbee Remote Control $39.99 at Home Depot

For those automating their Ceiling fans using the Hampton Bay Universal Wink Enabled White Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control, they are currently on sale on the Home Depot website for $39.99, with free shipping on orders over $45.00…


It’s not a ton of money, but it might push you over the go no go threshold… I have one now, this price drop puts me in the range of stretching as I already spent the budget allowed for April on this project, but I have other discretionary funds that allow me to grab 2 more. That leaves me with 3 to go… And on two of them, I am waiting for the Zooz switches…


Always good if you can include the link :slight_smile:

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Phone rang before I pasted the link… Got sidetracked. That stinks…

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Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing:

Hampton Bay Universal Wink Enabled White Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control


These are ST compatible (i.e. there is a DH for them already)?

You betcha. The DTH listed in the thread below works fantastic. Well worth the effort of installing and configuring it.

Special Buy of the Day, today only $34.97

Is there an in-wall add-on switch available anywhere? Even a dumb one? Without having to also buy a canopy module?

You would need 4 conductor wire to the canopy, and I believe Zooz was working on a combination switch, haven’t seen it released yet. @TheSmartestHouse will have it available after release…

The other way to do it is to replace the box in the wall and wire in 2 switches, 1 for the light, 1 for the fan control, and figure out the wiring. Bleh…

I’d rather do the canopy module where I can…

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Ah, wait, I wasn’t clear there. I should have said I already have complete remote kits installed in the canopy, and I have the handheld remotes. I now also want in-wall remotes to replace/bypass the regular single pole switches. But I don’t want to buy entire remote kits and include canopy modules… Only need the in wall remotes. Is there a way to buy just the remotes?

No there is not. You have to buy the kit and don’t use the receiver that goes on the fan canopy.

Special Buy of the Day, today only $34.97

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Thank you! I had been wanting to pick two up when they were on sale!

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