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GE Zwave Dual Control Dimmer 28175


Has anyone been able to get independent controls to work on a GE 28175?

(GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Lamp Module, Dimmer, Plug-In, 2 Independently Controlled Outlets with 2 Always-on USB Charging Ports (3.4A Shared), Works with Amazon Alexa, 28175)

(Mark) #2

It should be possible, but I think someone would need to write a custom device handler to expose both outlets for independent control. Not sure if anybody has yet.

(Ron Talley) #3

The endpoints should be exposed to ST. Then use this app to create the virtual switches and keep them in sync.

(Dan) #4

It would be much better to use a Composite Device Handler design, which is a Parent / Child set of Device Handlers. This eliminates any SmartApp in the solution and follows the preferred ST Architecture for Device Handlers.

Take a look at how ST added support for this multi-outlet power strip.

(Ron Talley) #5

I remember trying this method out. In particular with the Zooz Zen20. I ended up loosing functionality vs gaining.

I believe that you stated then that there just needed to be some modifications in the code to allow the master switch and the 5 sub switches to all read as separate devices in the ST app.

Either way, I have a total of 6 power strips and I use the linked app for all of them and it works pretty darn good. But you are right, we should all try to simplify things as much as possible.


What’s the best way to start learning about working with device handlers?

(Eric M) #7

To get a general idea of how they are used:

To get information on how to create them:


Had anyone made progress on a composite device for this?

(Leif Wallin) #9

I tried using your Dual Relay Switch to control the GE 28175 Plug-in Dual Dimmer Switch, but when I try to add the virtual devices it is telling me:
“Device Handler: Dimmer Switch Detected
Number of Endpoints: 0 Recommended Type: Dimmer”

Is there a different Device Handler that can be plugged in with your SmartApp to control this device?

(Eric M) #10

Hmmm, no one has made a composite device handler yet?

My SmartApp was written before child / parent handlers were a thing. It will only work if the device handler you are using is written a certain way.

(Thomas Slaymaker) #11

I’m newer to the development community. I’m normally a python programmer as well, so most of this stuff is foreign to me. But I took a wack at it. It is a work in progress:

Current Features:
Child devices with working separate control.
Main control dimmer affects both children.
Main control on/off will turn on/off both children.

Current Issues:
On/Off status of main control and child controls is rather slow.
Dimmer settings for each individual outlet are not functional.

The code can be found here:

You will need to import from code both the main handler and the child channel handler to your ‘My Device Handlers’ section. I’ll be working on it as time permits. Any feedback or assistance would be fantastic.