GE Smart Dimmer ZW3106 (plugin adapter): independently control two sockets?

Hi all, I am new to this forum so forgive me I overlook something obvious… I am trying to setup a GE Smart Dimmer with two independently controlled outlets. I’ve searched all over the canned device handlers and custom ones available and I can’t seem to find a dimmer equivalent to the “Z-Wave Dual Switch”. That device handler allows for control of two outlets independantly, but I haven’t found or been able to modify that handler to function as a dimmer.

Please help! The device I am attempting to do this with is a “GE Plug-in Smart Dimmer” model ZW3106.
Based on the device setup it would be this fingerprint…
mfr: “0063”, prod:“5044”, model: “3132”

Once upon a time, people had this device working with smartthings, but they were using the parent/child paradigm that worked with the classic app and does not work with the current V3 app. :disappointed_relieved:

Which probably means the entire thing has to be written to match the new platform.

If you’d like to talk to some of the people who had it working before, see the following thread:

GE Zwave Dual Control Dimmer 28175

Note that this device has two different model numbers, which is typical for the ones built by Jasco. It is Jasco ZW3106, but GE 28175. You may need to search under both model numbers.

Well that really stinks. I was hoping the parent/child setup was still a viable setup since the GE 28177 seems to be “working” with the existing handler that follows that paradigm (device added through new app).

Are there examples of device handlers on the new platform with similar functionality? I can look at recoding a new handler if needed, but the online IDE leaves a lot to be desired in terms of coding functionality. Is there a better IDE that people are using?

A lot about the platform is changing. You can talk to people about that in the following section of the forum:

There are sections there on writing DTHs and for getting support.

However, they haven’t finished the new methods for “hub connected“ devices, which includes Z wave devices. Go ahead and ask questions in the “writing DTH’s“ subcategory there, just be aware that people will probably direct you back over to this part of the forum. There’s just a lot in flux right now.

Oh, and just so you don’t get confused the way I did at first, “direct connected“ devices on the new platform refers to Wi-Fi devices which connect to the SmartThings cloud without going through their own cloud first.

I can’t help with code because I rely on text to speech these days, but there are lots of people who can.

Again, I would start with the thread on the older DTH and just ask there if anybody has the device working with the new app.

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