GE Appliance Module 14282

Has anyone had luck with this? If so, do you happen to know whether it supports local processing?

As best I can tell it’s an updated version of the old appliance module:

These are brand-new, I don’t know if anyone has one yet.

The model numbers that start with 14 are the brand-new Z wave plus ones. They are indeed an upgrade of the previous model line that started with 12.

I would expect that SmartThings will eventually certify them as officially compatible and will have official device type handlers for them, but I don’t know when.

updated with the correction from @Paul_Haskins below:

outlets can only be controlled together. Can not be independentlycontrolled.


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A shot of the manual is posted on the Amazon review - both work simultaneously. Not anything I need,

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Thanks JD. It does sound like they aren’t individually controllable. Still, an upgrade over the original (even if only aesthetically) would be nice.

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That would be disappointing, but thanks for the update. That’s actually less useful for some situations than the current version, where one outlet is networked and the other is always on. But I guess it’s good for things like two nightstands in the bedroom.

It looks like they removed the manual switch. This could make the switch silent avoiding the sometimes annoying “popcorn” sound during automatons. I have many situations where I prefer the manual switch but also would like a silent switch.

Assuming each side can handle 200 watts, it would be a handy device to control the two control of a queen or king size electric blanket. Electric blankets that size have a control for each side. If you’re lucky enough to find controls with rocker switches instead of buttons you can get ST to turn the blanket on ahead of time for you so it’s nice and warm at bedtime :smile:

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