Cannot control both switches in a GE ZW4105 2-switch plug in outlet

I can add this GE unit but Smartthings will not control both switches. The panel/card/screen for the unit has on/off, which controls switch 1, but no way to control switch 2. Did I just spenc $40 on something that Smartthings does not support?

Found this in Amazon questions

By “web console”, he means the IDE


Thank you Hal. Still pretty lost. I’ll walk through what i see. This is where the IDE starts: A link to Get started integrating a hub-connected device.

Then, You don’t have any device handlers yet. Add one now.

Then this. Where do I go from here?

This does not lead me to three instructions in your message.

And if I click Switch, I get this, with no clue what do do with it.

Never Mind. I burrowed down into the Devices menu, found the unit, found how to change it. It works now.

Thanks very much.

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