Get ready to make the switch!

I hate that mine goes negative but learned to live with it

For those of you still unsure about wether its safe to switch: No its not.
Made the switch two days ago and it has totally gone wrong for me. Now I have two locations instead of one and 50+% of my devices have disappeared.

At the same time smartthings support has ignored two messages over the last 2 days. I am assuming others had very similar experiences.


Just wondering: did you just migrate the old to new app or did you also switch from a SmartThings to Samsung account?

Just switched apps.

I had done the migration from a smartthings account to a Samsung account already some months ago.

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I have made the transition. All of my routines were successfully migrated. The only issue I had was reestablishing mobile presence. Works great!

  • Self-published DTHs - The new app still supports self-published DTHs, but we found that over 90% of the devices on the SmartThings platform can be run by less than 100 ST Approved DTHs and most would actually work better. We’ve already rebuilt the most popular DTHs, tested them in the new app, and made them execute locally where possible. We recommend you transition any self-published DTHs to ST Approved DTHs to get the best experience in the new app.
  • Custom Capabilities - Custom attributes are changing to custom capabilities in the new app. This means that if a device hasn’t had custom capabilities UI metadata created to match its attributes, they won’t display properly in the new app. We’ve already done this for the most popular devices (see info above on ST approved DTHs) and are finishing development on a way for you to create your own custom capabilities. Additional user front-ends that will help with this are under development and should be ready in the coming months, so we’d recommend waiting until that is released before beginning any work on custom capabilities yourself.

I guess the GE/Jasco dual dimmer smart plug GE model 28175 is not a popular device. I thought that GE was one of the most popular brands of 3rd party devices.

I am uncertain if it’s just the UI that needs to be fixed, or if this metadata is needed to properly sync with Google and Amazon Alexa. In the new app, the custom DH that I got from this community does not show dual, independent child devices like the old app displays, nor does it sync the virtual child devices to Alexa. I’ve posted in the DH topic, but nobody has replied, and the developer seems to have left the community. Very frustrating.

Topic with link to github DH is here: GE Zwave Dual Control Dimmer 28175

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Given this, I’ll totally avoid the automatic migration.

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Migrated a few days ago. Regretting it. Issues / deficiencies I have ran into so far. Trouble ticket in.

  • Ghost devices deletion. When I first migrated there were a bunch of old devices. I have since deleted them.

  • Old names I had to rename a bunch of devices to the current name.

  • WOW is this app SLOW

  • Sunset / sunrise and time in automations. Can’t do both in the same automation. Can still do it in Smart lighting.

  • No iPhone presence Have a room with all my presence sensors but no way to add phones.

  • Devices missing. Still missing in the devices list.

  • Smart apps used by device. Classic had list of smart apps used by the device. How do you find that now?

  • Sonos. Can not get Sonos to speak after the update. Have updated the Sonos as per list of actions to do.

  • What triggered device in history?

  • Water valve shut off? Classic would shut off my water valve on moisture detection Have to use Webcore now.

-Unresponsive, have to force close and restart app more times than I can count in a day.

  • Did I mention that this app is SLOW

You need to contact ST support and ask them to sync devices between the two apps

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The new app is REALLY slow, here comes jkp to defend it again.


This is able to be done in STHM under leak sensors settings


You can set up responses in STHM with sonos and automations


I do have a ticket in but same as the app. Slow response. :blush:

Thanx for the education on the water valve. One issue solved. Whoohoo.

Any other tips?

Thanx, Abe

You pretty much found most of the issues with the new app. I don’t experience the unresponsiveness that you noted.

I have a couple valves working in the new app to turn off. Set up STHM in the new app and you’ll be able to as well.

Edit: @jkp beat me to it!

So this is what I can not get to work. I had one of these for each family member but now am at a loss how to get it to work after the app and Sonos updates. Thanx

Yes, you would need to create one for each member

Unfortunately not a peep comes out of the speaker. Tried doing one where if I turned a switch on it was supposed to announce “switch on”. Same thing, not a sound. Volume is way up on speaker. Hopefully not operator error. :blush:

Post screenshot of the automation

I have only used sonos with STHM and they tested ok

I just tested with a light switch turning on and it read the message on my sonos speakers

This about all I can see or set