GE Direct Wire Outdoor Switch controlling 2 devices?


I purchased the GE/Jasco Indoor/Outdoor Smart Switch (40A) model 14285 and wired 2 devices to it as 2 separate loads.

After getting it connected to my smartthings hub it is showing as a " Z-Wave Metering Switch" and triggering it controls both loads.

I tried changing it to the device type to a “ZWave Dual Switch” and “ZWave multi switch” which creates 2 devices but shows the second device as online and the first switch devices still controls both physical devices.

Is it not possible to control 2 devices with this unit or do I need a device handler or am I doing something wrong?

From Amazon Q/A:


can you control multiple devices


the GE 12726 can have 2-120 VAC devices wired to it at the same time, however both can only be controlled together to turn on and off at the same time. They cant be controlled independently.
By Jasco Products MANUFACTURER on December 9, 2017


Thanks for the help with that, I didn’t see anything specific in the manual or anywhere else but that is what I suspected.

I’ll be returning the device and wiring something up with multiple switches and an outdoor cover since I do not require the high amp switching it requries.

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I have a similar use case and use two Aeon Nano dimmers in a waterproof junction box, with waterproof push button switches wired to them to manually control the load. I’d hesitate to recommend them since they are a pain to configure, but if you just need switches (non-dimming), check out this guy: