GE / Jasco 28167 or 28175 Plug-in Smart Dimmer with independent control

Hi everyone. I’m new here as a user, but have been browsing the community site for device handlers and smartapps for a while (thanks for the work you guys do) and haven’t been able to find an answer to this…

I have a GE / Jasco Plug-In Smart Dimmer model 28167 and a GE / Jasco Plug-In Smart Dimmer with USB outlets model 28175. It lists “independent control” of the two outlets with a note saying the hub must support multichannel control. I have looked at a few of the smartapps and device handlers on here, but haven’t found any that can support this switch. Looking at the logs, it appears that the hub doesn’t detect the separate endpoints. Can anyone suggest a fix for this?

I am looking for this capability as well? Could someone try to walk us through the process of getting it to appear as two switches? (for a new smartthings user)

I am in the same boat and haven’t found a DH yet either, I have a dual outdoor outlet from Inovelli that works independently but it isn’t a dimmer. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I’m still waiting too.

Any update on a device handler?