GE ceiling fan switch

Regarding the GE ceiling fan in-wall switches, I notice that they run their execution in the cloud. My other light/dimmer switches, the same GE brand, run locally. Any idea what device type works well and can offer local execution? Thanks!

PS: I see this device has in Graph API the following line:

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE

I see my switches do NOT have such a line and have far more details.
Would removing and re-adding this device do anything?
I did once use the self-published device type as created by a member here.


Unfortunately the stock fan control has yet to be moved to local execution.

You can use the dimmer DTH but it won’t appear as a fan in the app with the step controls.

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Thanks. And the custom handlers no longer work with the new app if I recall reading other threads correctly?

That depends if the author has made changes to support the new app, but I’d still use ST’s built in DTH called “Z-Wave Fan Controller”. At least it will run local once ST gets around to it.


I have 9 of these fan controllers installed for the last year and honestly I didn’t realize until today they were cloud executed I’ve also not really had any issues with them running that way.


Thanks @ThomasTrain. I’m trying to pinpoint my slow trigger issue which includes a fan. I was thinking local execution may help. But your experience gives me hope this is not my issue.