Ceiling fans that work well with GE Fan Control Switches?

Hey All. I have installed some nice GE Fan switches. My current ceiling fans use a wireless remote. So the GE switches seem to have very little effect on fan speed and definitely do not control the center light. I am going to replace both ceiling fans with something that can be better controlled with the new wall switches and wont require a wireless remote. I see next to nothing on the Smartthings supported devices page. What do you all have installed that you’ve had good luck with?



In the configuration you’re describing, you wouldn’t see anything on the SmartThings devices list, because the GE fan control switches are intended to control dumb fans. If you had a smart fan that worked with smartthings, you wouldn’t use the GE fan control switches.

So it’s like asking what dumb Light fixtures work well with a GE zwave light switch. It should be pretty much any one with standard wiring that doesn’t have its own built-in smarts.

So you just want to get a pretty standard multi speed dumb ceiling fan that doesn’t have a remote. :sunglasses:


have you tried removing the existing receiver module for the remote from the canopy of your current fan?

Yup I get that. But Googling it a bit, it seems that Hunter fans and several others get complained about a lot when it comes to home automation. I was simply looking for a starting point of what has worked for others.

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I have not. I wouldn’t be able to identify which board is the remote even if I dug into it. :slight_smile:

They usually have a pretty distinct box up in the canopy that slides in and gets wired between box and fan.

But if it helps, i know this fan works. Just installed one about a month ago and use two GE switches with it. Note the supplied bulbs aren’t dimmable, though.

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You’ve probably already seen this, but the Fan FAQ does include a video of a GE fan controller switch side-by-side with a GE light controller switch, which is a very popular set up. But it might require some re-wiring if your original dumb wall switch didn’t control the fan lights.

Otherwise, get a fan which takes regular A19 LED bulbs in its light kit and you’ll have the option to use smart bulbs, so you can add an additional battery operated switch for the lights if you want without having to change the wiring.

If the fan has a pull chain the fan part will play nicely w/ the GE fan switch, but also as JD mentioned GE switch for the light part, and GE fan switch for the fan part works very well.