Gardenspots are cheap right now. Third party seller

Thanks! I had high hopes, thanks for bringing me back down to the real world!

Won’t spend too much time on it, these lights still look great in any mode.


Especially for the price!

Having them change every few minutes is fine, but actually blinking a loop every few seconds like Christmas lights is just too much to handle.

What is this color loop feature? What does it do?

Exactly what it sounds like. It just loops through the colors.

So now I have a bunch of extra controllers. Any other cheap LEDs we can buy to use these controllers with?


Here’s a post from about two years ago from the founder of WebCoRE. Take a look at what he did with his gardenspots.

I’m curious about this as well. Would love to find something else to use the extra power supply and controller for. Or just hang on to it in case another craps out.

Just a FYI, they dropped another dollar down to $24. Well, here goes another order.


I just noticed a copycat of these too, it uses an IR remote though. The lights wiring etc look very similar - maybe useful for parts in the future.

Anyone having trouble pairing? I had two older sets previously paired and working fine…never had any trouble resetting. These…not the same sitch. When I plug them in for the first time they don’t go to the standard pink color they are white…also when I plug them in for the first time they automatically do the color loop thing…and lastly when I do the plug/unplug thing I never get the flash 3 times thing. Anyone have any suggestions?

If you are using a custom device handler then you can try logging into IDE, open the device handler and Publish for Me again. Then reset and try pairing the gardenspots. Possible the device handler has gone into a stale state.

Hey - thanks for the tip…I am not using anything custom and I even put an IRIS plug out there if my issue was mesh related. I am stumped and bummed that I can’t change them.

Bring them inside and close to your hub, try pairing. If successful, move them back outside.


I was really hoping that wasn’t going to be a suggestion since I already installed them. :disappointed:

Question - it is the little block that has the zigbee radio not the power block right? Asking because I am going to disconnect those and use another strand to pair the components as opposed to pulling the light strips out.

It is :slight_smile: ugh I need 10 characters

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Sorry but thanks for responding so quickly! :grin:

I never power cycle from the cord to the transformer. It’s so much easier to just unplug/plug at the Zigbee module ( little black box). Yes they can be a royal PIA to get these into inclusion mode. There have been times when I have sat there unplugging and plugging for a ½ hour or more before I just give up & leave them unplugged and try again another day.