Lightify Gardenspot Mini's

Not the cheapest they’ve been but I needwanted 2 extension kits. and at $60 it’s the same or cheaper then the extensions; + I get the weather proof transformer and controller to run a few meters of cheap RGB strips in a another location. Sure there’s a bit of cutting and splicing but 9 +extras for the price of 6 is a no brainer.

No topcashback or Ebates but I did refill a gift card with $100 and saved $5. Also used my Amazon card for 5% statment credit and opted for slow delivery for a $5 pantry credit.

So $52 + $5 pantry credit. Call it $47 for the lights?

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Thank you. There seems to be a lightning deal going on as I write this, just bought 8 for $31.44 each!

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I was just looking at these a couple of days ago and they were 39.99 on Amazon… I had them in my cart and the next morning they were back to 69.99.

I just got 4 for 31.44 each! Thanks guys!!!

Oh yeah… Lowe’s Iris Motion sensors are on sale too… I just got 2 more for 16.00 each…

Plus the 3 monoprice dual relays i got 2 days ago for 30.00 each…

This place is killing me!!!


At which location did you find the Iris sensor sale? My local store is showing $29.99.

I did pick up the garden spots for $31 thanks to this board.

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All of my local stores have them on sale for 24.99. Then the 15.00 of 50.00 code from ronovo and then my military discount.

I’m in zip code 35043

oh, your military discount. We don’t all have that :slight_smile:

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Some stores sell it for $19.99. Get three of them, add the $15 off $50 and you’ll get them for $14.99 each. You need to buy four though to get free shipping. That makes them $16.24 each, before tax. Or if you have something small to buy along with the three to reach $64, so that the $15 off leave you at $49 or higher to qualify for free shipping… you get them slightly cheaper.

Guys, just bought 3… thanks for heads up…

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Glad I checked in this AM. Was able to cancel. And yes, I did buy more.
Be back soon. Off to my HAA meeting to turn in my chip… (Home automation anonymous).

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I know. That Amazon pricing for the gardenspots is all over the place. I got two when they were 39.99 a week ago. The. They went back up to 69.99.

And now I just got two more at 31.44! The funny thing is Amazon lists the “Osram” branded ones and the Sylvania ones at totally different prices even though they are the exact same thing.

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Don’t forget it’s you turn to bring the donuts and cookies. I’ve got the coffee

When I first started looking at them I kept going back and forth since they have different numbers and different prices. I thought maybe they were different sizes or something. Since one says mini gardenspot and the other just says garden spot. It was the only rational explanation as to why 1 set was $60ish and the other $90ish . Nope just have to pay for the name LOL.


and i just cant say no…no idea where to use these but at $31.44 in for 1

The garden sends reasonable lol… They can be removed from the spikes and mounted as deck lights also… Maybe even cabinet lighting?

I tried using them to light up my island and wasnt sure if I would like them but they have grown on me so you can get away with using them inside lol


That’s good to know. I ordered four sets this morning… I only need the in the yard… I still have four sets of the Phillips lights strips I got four 12 bucks each… They haven’t even come out of the box yet!

@SBDOBRESCU my pile of stuff in the garage is getting huge! I ordered 9 more things this morning!

Its time to light up your house!! One thing I noticed about the colored lights is that they are very pleasant on your eyes at night time as opposed to regular lighting.

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Only 4 ? Rookie .
My mistake was getting ambitious and actually organizing all my found treasures on a set of shelves. Then the wife actually saw how much I have and how many extra things. Why do we need 10 sets of those lights ? What are the 2 cases of door sensors for? Don’t we already have them on every door?

At least I have a place for the 3 new sets of Gardenspots. I was leery about using the Hue shapelight strips around the hot tub, since even though the appear to be weatherproof, I can’t find any definitive confirmation they are. Now I can just use Gardenspots.


I do find that the distance between the lights is short for my application. I ordered a roll of RGB+ wire so I can add some distance between a few of them. Osram says 28ft max but I’m sure I can go longer since I wont have 18 lights

Mine are on a shelf in the basement. 6 smart switches, 2 motion sensors & a Harmony hub. I’ve been spending to much time by the pool drinking ________ (fill in the blank). Which leads to an off topic question. I might just hire my old student neighbor electrician to install those smart switches. Can he just install all of them, and then I can pair them at my leisure? Or should I pair them when he installs each one? I only know enough about this stuff to be dangerous.

That depends on the switches. IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY , some of them you need to access the back of the switch to put into inclusion mode. I always make sure they are included and working before I actually tighten them up and put the cover on the box.

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