Lightify Gardenspot sale $27

Model #73699, compatible w/ ST. $27.49 Prime.


last time they were on sale and i bought a few i told myself i dont need anymore, well now i have 1 more.


But But But BUT back in July they were $31, now they’re only $27. So if I needed 3 @ 31 , I’m still trying to figure out how many more I need at $27


I missed the last deal, just grabbed 6! Guess I better read up on these things.

Just grabbed 4 thanks

Got two thanks. Wonder why my camelcamelcamel alert did not tell me.

The price drop alerts are NOT immediate. I have had several instances where by the time I got the CCC drop alert the item from that seller was already sold out.

thank you just bought 3 more. I love these things.

Wow, price changed while I was adding it to the cart. Back to $59 now. I was about to get 8 for Halloween.

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My amazon is all jacked up

Why ? Because the 3rd party seller that had them for $27 stock sold out. So while they were $27.49 the lowest price currently is $59.97.
You can try " see all offers" and MAYBE still order them from the 3rd party.

No, It looks like I missed it :frowning:

Gone for me too. Bummer

I missed it too :frowning:

It’s back on sale but backordered until October 16. You have to look under other sellers. It didn’t show a lower price but when I clicked on the link, there it was at the top of the page. Quick! Buy it now before it goes away.
As of 9:36am October 10

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I tried to buy four, got two @ $27.49, but it then indicated sold out. Prime, but delivery next week.

Well, that was quick, they’re gone now. Maybe they might come back…

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Sometimes you gotta wonder how they sell them so low and still make a profit especially when including Prime shipping… Are the markups so high on these items?

It is back up to $59.99, however if I remember correctly the price jumped up and down last time in the same day.

I was very very tempted to order these and see if I get them before my order I placed when they were $31… Still shows Oct 21st - Nov 13th ship date.

Received the ones I ordered in July on the 27th of Septembre