Lightify Gardenspot sale $27

(Cris D) #1

Model #73699, compatible w/ ST. $27.49 Prime.

Outdoor RGB/RGBW Strip Lights

last time they were on sale and i bought a few i told myself i dont need anymore, well now i have 1 more.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

But But But BUT back in July they were $31, now they’re only $27. So if I needed 3 @ 31 , I’m still trying to figure out how many more I need at $27

(Greg) #4

I missed the last deal, just grabbed 6! Guess I better read up on these things.

(Bernie H) #5

Just grabbed 4 thanks

(Chris Crowder) #6

Got two thanks. Wonder why my camelcamelcamel alert did not tell me.

(Realy Living Dream) #7

The price drop alerts are NOT immediate. I have had several instances where by the time I got the CCC drop alert the item from that seller was already sold out.

(Jim) #8

thank you just bought 3 more. I love these things.

(Ray) #9

Wow, price changed while I was adding it to the cart. Back to $59 now. I was about to get 8 for Halloween.

(Megan) #10

My amazon is all jacked up

(Realy Living Dream) #11

Why ? Because the 3rd party seller that had them for $27 stock sold out. So while they were $27.49 the lowest price currently is $59.97.
You can try " see all offers" and MAYBE still order them from the 3rd party.

(Megan) #12

No, It looks like I missed it :frowning:

(Dave) #13

Gone for me too. Bummer

(Diego Yong) #14

I missed it too :frowning:


It’s back on sale but backordered until October 16. You have to look under other sellers. It didn’t show a lower price but when I clicked on the link, there it was at the top of the page. Quick! Buy it now before it goes away.
As of 9:36am October 10

(Charles) #16

I tried to buy four, got two @ $27.49, but it then indicated sold out. Prime, but delivery next week.


Well, that was quick, they’re gone now. Maybe they might come back…


Sometimes you gotta wonder how they sell them so low and still make a profit especially when including Prime shipping… Are the markups so high on these items?

(Eric) #19

It is back up to $59.99, however if I remember correctly the price jumped up and down last time in the same day.

I was very very tempted to order these and see if I get them before my order I placed when they were $31… Still shows Oct 21st - Nov 13th ship date.


Received the ones I ordered in July on the 27th of Septembre