Osram LIGHTIFY GardenSpot Minis rgb - aap version

Does anyone know if there is a way for me to set my garden spots to rotate through Halloween colors only? Like yellows and oranges and purples? I am already using core to set a random Hue every 10 minutes.

And I’m wondering if there’s a way to just have it pick Halloween colors.

@ady624 Would it be one of these?

I’m thinking it would be adjust hue variable, im just not sure how to set the degrees for only Halloween colors.

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Just use multiple sequential setHue() and Wait () actions, and at the end call Execute Piston using the same Piston to loop those colors again (assuming that the conditions for that Piston are still true).

That’s what I ended up doing. Instead of using set Hue, I just selected set color and picked from colors that I thought would be Halloween colors like plum, Violet, orange, dark orange, dark violet and so on. Thanks.

What would the advantage be to set Hue? Instead of setting color?

Could you please post a SS of that piston? Sounds like what I have been trying to do but can’t figure a way. Thanks!



I am fiddling with the idea of a color cycle across multiple lights… will get something going, eventually… for now I am busy digging trenches for my gardenspot installation. Have installed 6 of them and have them changing color every 30s. Can’t wait for the night to see what I got ;))

The red rubber strip is from HD and it’s actually a landscaping border but I drilled into the side of the concrete slab and bolted them in with tapcons (lol). All 90ft of it. Used landscaping wire 14/2 to extend the power to the two furthest away light sets (5V over about 50ft and 20ft spans). All three power supplies are in the same box on the wall and driving 2x9 spots via one controller each. Works like a charm :wink: but waiting for dark…


Put up some pics for us to seeafter dark

Really like that install @ady624 . I’ve been looking at ideas for mounting them better for walkway illumination. My first thought was black abs/pvc pipe, i want the lights to rake across my walkway, not straight up into the air. But second thought is 1" alum C channel with metal stakes down in the ground. Or something of the likes. But your patio solution looks pretty good.

Yeah, they light up, so I don’t expect a lot of light from them, hoping the screen would reflect it. They are designed to shine up on the building facade…

They are fairly bright, brighter than you first notice. But I dont know if its placebo or not, but mine now a year old seem a little dimmer. Also my lawn mowers trampled them a few times, now the addon strips dont like showing all the colors. You can reseat the connection and it then works. So i’ve kept mine on green for a while now and they are fine. Its the more ‘white’ colors that they tend to show as red on the adon strips.

Thank you!

Is this what you used from HD?

Did you cut holes in it for the gardenspots?

No, this: http://m.homedepot.com/p/EcoBorder-4-ft-Red-Rubber-Landscape-Edging-ECOBRD-RED-4FT/202650524

And I used it upside down, bolted it into the side of the concrete slab, then drilled holes on the top with the 1" wood spade :wink:

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I’m anxious to see your pics. Really interested to see how the they reflect off the screen.

Me too, not home ;(

That is going to look great, @ady624. These bulbs really put out a lot of light. I use mine to light up my plants and trees from below (the way I think all plants should be illuminated).

Here are a few pics of how they look. The level is at 65%.

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Not a lot of light since they rely on things reflectingtheir light ;( but looks nice nonetheless

Almost not visible at all from the inside when I turn on my 1000W equivalent LED patio lights

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Looks better in real life than my phone captured it…

Main goal of the red border was to not have to trim the edges anymore lol. I always try to make my life easier :wink: I can now roll the mower over the red border and voila, nicely trimmed :wink: the lights were a $31/piece bonus :wink: got 11, used 6. Got 5 for the front of the house…


One tip I learned… when trimming… beat the crap out of them all the way down to bare dirt… you dont have to trim as often that way :wink: Still a nice accent for when you are outside the screened in porch.