Sylvania Lightify GardenSpots $39.95 w/Prime shipping *Back Again*

These prices are better than Prime Day sale prices.

Edit 9/12: They’re back but with a 1-4 week ship time.

Extensions are only $13.68 w/Prime shipping

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Cheaper to buy the entire kit then extensions if you need 3. Plus you get a power supply. The supply’s have been the weak point for me over 50% failure rate. Customer Service replaces them but still.

Counterpoint: I have two installed since 2016, and the power supplies have been fine. One does tend to drop off the network from time to time, though.

I thought Sylvania recommended to not connect more than two extensions (18 total lights). I’d be worried that three extensions would cause too much line resistance and stress the power supply.

It’s 2 full strings or 1 string and 3 extensions. 33 feet total per controller & power supply

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2*3 != 9. I’m really struggling with 3rd grade math today. :wink:

I had the total quantity of bulbs right, but not the right number of extensions. Thanks for being gentle in your correction.