Gardenspots are cheap right now. Third party seller


Thanks!! My colors have been flukey and I needed to replace them!

Community strikes again to steal my money! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks, there went $150…

I already have these, I ordered two more. I Have nowwhere to put them. Maybe I’ll keep them as backup in case the current ones become victim of a weed trimmer


Nice deal, just ordered 8 more sets

I like this idea, just can’t figure out a use for them that will fit right now…

Same here. I have some in my cart, I just can’t seem to come up with a use at the moment. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

Never decorate for Christmas ( holiday) again, just mount these to facia and eves. Turn on when appropriate.

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The 14 ft length is kind of a bad size for me, I know they also make a 4ft extension. Is there a “spacer” extension (just wires), and/or a T connection? If I used the 14 ft, then a 6ft spacer (to go over sidewalk), then the 4 ft expansion, that would probably work.

There are third party jumpers, but none by Sylvania that I know of for the GardenSpots. You could just make your own though.

If anyone has pointers to known working/waterproof extension cable, please post a link. I found a couple possibilities but no idea if they would work with GardenSpots. Thanks !

I bought the same thing by a different company for my outdoor flex strips and they work

Can these be connected to each other? Another words, only connected to the power supply once? If so, is that what the expansion kit is for? I would like to connect 2 of these together, without the expansion kit if possible.

Yes, you can do that and get twice the length. And you’ll have a spare power supply.

Are there any good pistons premade for changing colors on the holidays? Like one for Christmas that would flash between green and red and one for Fourth of July that rotates red, blue, white?

Just checking for any pre existing pistons, before trying to figure out my own!

These are awesome! I ordered 4 sets and love them. Going to get many more come payday.

[EDIT] Is there a way to group these 4 lights, and be able to change the color of all of them as a group? I created a virtual switch in ST, but it only turns them off and on. Do I have to create scenes for each color?

Add Smart App “Color Coordinator”

Thanks for the post. I just ordered a couple for the front of the house. I told my bride about these this morning on the way to see the grandkids and she said to “place the order”. Not often that I can get the bride onboard for a new automation project. :grin:

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I am using this DTH by the way. For my gardenspots. I have been using this DTH now for about two years. With the classic app.

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