Sylvania Smart+ ZigBee Full Color Indoor/Outdoor Flexible Lightstrip - $16 on Amazon

Sylvania Smart+ ZigBee Full Color Indoor/Outdoor Flexible Lightstrip - from $24 to $16

SYLVANIA SMART+ Indoor Flexible Lightstrip Connector Kit for Bluetooth and ZigBee SMART+ Indoor Full Color Flex Strips - From $29 to $24


Yep, saw that! Already ordered 4 more of the gardenspots at 24 each and 1 strip. Tuesday when I get home from work should be fun.

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Is it just me, or did the strip extension kits used to come with 3 2’ strips? Now it’s 2.

Hello, how do the strips compare to the garden spots? If I was using them both for outside, for example, when to use one or the other?

For your comparison pleasure. The little dots along the soffit of the porch and down the ramp are GardenSpots. The lights down either side of the peak are FlexStrips


They’re that bright?!?

Thanks for the photo, that’s great looking!!

Why would anyone get the garden spots? It seems the strips are better and not just because of brightness.

GardenSpots are great for their designed purpose. Just as accent lights along a garden/walkway.

I just received the strips. It seems like a good product for the price.

Does anyone have a different device handler? Colors selected using Smarthings are not as intense as ones selected using Alexa.

For primary colors it looks like ST uses a combination of the LED’s for the colors where Alexa just uses the LED color.

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Can you give us the name of the DTH? Does it say RGBW or RGW?

I use the official Zigbee RGBW bulbs DTH

I use the RGBW, it installed the RGB one. I can tell no difference between the 2.

Has anyone cut these and used 90 degree connectors?

I would like to outline the inside of my window frame to give it a glow effect.

I know there are other strips out there that you can cut easily, however the cost of everything you get is way cheaper then having to buy all the components separately. I’m not worried about voiding the warranty or maintaining the waterproof since they will be inside the house.

Here’s one windows I temperately did, but it would be $70 a window verse $16.

I noticed the same thing. “Red” was always “pink” and “blue” was always cyan etc. thru the smart things handler.

How were you testing thru alexa, alexa to smartthings im guessing? “alexa set strips to red”?
I wanted to test and see results.

I am using “slyvania smart flex RGBW” handler currently.

I am/was using ZigBee RGBW Bulb handler, but will try the sylvania one (first I have heard of it). Just tried and do not see it in the IDE.

For Alexa - just using change to red… etc. I have similar color issues with an AEON RGB bulb. DTH is close, but Alexa is closer :slight_smile:

Regarding the colors, I’ve noticed the same pink/cyan instead of red/blue. I believe the DTH needs more accurate hex codes for the default color picker.

For instance, selecting the red preset uses the upper left corner red, which is in the pink family. The upper right is true red, which other services use for red (webcore, Google, Alexa, etc.).

What the DTH uses:

Manually picking the red that other services use:

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Well the good news is the new app no longer has color presets. So don’t need to worry about them being inaccurate anymore :stuck_out_tongue:




I just installed some of these today, under cabinets. But when I add them to a scene, there doesn’t seem to be a way to set the dimmer level, or set the color in a scene. As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any way of setting either except for manually. Am I missing something?

When you add them to a scene, you should be able to then click on the device and select the color and dimmer.