Sylvania/Osram Lightify Gardenspot EXTENSION cables

I am being beaten by the internet right now. I want an extension cable that will put at least 6ft between two strings of lights. I’ve been searching and the best I can find is to manually splice in my own rgbw wire which I dont want to do in this application. Does anyone know where i can find extensions that have correct connectors for these light strings? Or maybe the technical name of the connectors that these strings use? Any help is very much appreciated

Something like this? (untested, but it looks right)

Hope that helps. I’m in a similar position, but I have the white gardenspots, which are a 3 pin connector, which is, if anything, even harder to find!

James/Ryan (anyone else?) did anyone follow through on acquiring the suggested extensions? I have the same problem so am considering purchasing them to see how it goes. Please advise. Thanks!

I ended up doing the solder work and manually made my own extensions. I tried 3 different connectors and they were all wrong. However, it wasn’t a big deal and I was able to make the lengths exactly as I needed. I actually ended up burying my extensions between the three areas I am lighting and its looking very cool and custom.

Tip: Don’t be like me and 6 months later go on a weed-wacking binge in the beds and totally wrap up the gardenspot lights/cables in your string trimmer. Didn’t bury those - more soldering!

But my buried lines are doing great!

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I also did my own soldering in the end. I’ve only got the white lights so only two cables to worry about. Also managed to mow one the other day though! Occupational hazard of wanting lights in the garden I suppose

probably cheaper and easier to get the extension and disable the bulbs

or use an actual 2nd starter set not extension set there is about a 6-9 foot gap on the start.
I have put two full sets together with no issues.

well, NOT cheaper. I didnt check current price but its prob 20 bucks for extension.

Get a bunch of rgbw line for super cheap and do all the extending you want, where you want etc. BUT yes, EASIER if you aren’t up for soldering 4 wires per connection and making them waterproof for exterior use.

OH and good point I dont think they recommend or specify this but I have THREE full sets together on ONE power supply, no issues.

I would also love to know the name of these cables… I’ve never soldered anything in my life so would rather not ruin an expensive product trying.

Anyone out there purchased something like this for these lights that they could link to?

I’ve looked for quite some time and have never found anything. I made my own as others have above.