Firmware update and zigbee issues

i think the unpdate has briken my zigbee connections.

everything was ok until the update, then things would not control, following this they would not connect, speaking to the tech team (who advised me there was no issues).

they logged into my hub told me it was not receiving the signal and to move closer, this made no difference, i tried new unused plugs once again no difference, someone who had the same issue then said rebooting made it work for a few hours, once again no difference, once again between the web and support I tried a complete wipe still the same.

I know the distance isn’t a issue, and nothing in my network has changed all I can see is this firmware update.

I no longer know what to do, up untill the update everything worked well and would recommend it, now I have a broken network with no devices and no clue.

when I try to add a device the status circle doesn’t even move, the green light is on the hub ok

I have the hub 2 can anyone else back this up so I can force them to look into it? even still acknowledge an issue>

Firmware 36.x?

Any chance you are experiencing some type of inference with your home wifi? Channel overlap that may have occurred when your ST hub rebooted?

can see how as its all turned off, however what freq would ST use?

You can find what Channel is being used by logging into IDE at and go to the hubs section

the hub is using channel 21
I have gone through and cant see any conflicts however have turned everything off with no joy.

I have noticed an error 34-302 any further ideas guys??
if anyone wants to take a look sure we can arrange something.

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After last update all my Ikea remotes/buttons stopped working. I have re-added them, then worked when tested but stopped working again.
Probably latest zigbee related update is to blame.
What I have just discovered is that now battery is draining over night. I have replaced batteries in couple remotes yesterday when this happened, and today they’re all dead. Just placed new ones again, and will wait until tomorrow.

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Yes I have had the same problem. Now running my Ikea square switches on external aaa cells.

Same here, I am on my 3rd set of batteries with all my ikea Dimmer switches!

I have seen some suggestion of similar problems happening many months ago with ST, and the same problem has certainly happened on other platforms. However the current extreme problem does seem to be triggered by using versions 5.1.x or 5.2.x of the stack. Indeed I luckily still have a hub running 2.9.0 and that is currently my lifeboat for these buttons.

That doesn’t place the blame on the update per se. The buttons may have dodgy firmware and I’m getting a bit worried about the IKEA outlets too.

34-302 is a very common error indicating that while in “Add” mode, the Hub did not find any device and there are no new devices in your “No room assigned” category. Basically, nothing added when the hub was expecting something to be added (Zigbee, Z-Wave, LAN).

If you want PM me your Hub’s Serial Number, I can have a closer look.

@garrett.kranz my zigbee devices (ikea dimmers) stopped working after latest update. They are draining battery within a day. Prior to this, battery would last for months/year. Now a day!!!
Also devices need to be readded

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Hi @garrett.kranz ,I’m going to post in the beta topic, but something is definitely odd with Zigbee devices for me.

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@garrett.kranz I have had problems with my sengled light strips for a few weeks now. It would hold the connection for 2 days & now it just drops. I have 3 seat in my kitchen & hub in livingroom next to kitchen & never had a problem the last year. Any chance I can get your assistance?

@garrett.kranz there are more issues with zigbee devices in last couple days, reported here.

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Yes, please do. Are you aware of how to send Hub Logs via the IDE? Being able to send those when you are experiencing an odd behavior would be very helpful to look into this for your Beta Hub.

Let’s start off with checking your WiFi Router’s 2.4Ghz Channel compared to your Hub’s Zigbee Channel (these two should be sufficiently separated). This can be found when logging into the SmartThings IDE → “My Hubs” → “View Utilites” → “Zigbee Utilities” section and it is listed/configurable there.

I’d also recommend trying powering down your Hub for an extended period of time (~20 mins) as this can help the Zigbee Mesh re-build itself.

Last but not least, if your entire Zigbee mesh relies on bulbs, that’s something I would look at correcting for the long-term stability of your network. Get some Outlets, Switches, etc. that are AC-powered and designed for a reasonable load.

Sengled Bulbs generally do not repeat, but some do and even those should not be the main Router nodes in your mesh as a best practice. Hope this helps, if not please do reach out to

That first one was an example of a warrantied return and the second one (IMO) sounds like it could be an IKEA device issue (“I recently picked up…”). Willing to be wrong of course, but we do need people to report via Support Channels (and someone should probably also try and report to IKEA) to properly triage such issues.

Hi all I managed to fix mine, seemed a really odd fix, just to add something else to consider (I never did), this was my reply to SM

Hi I am getting to the bottom of this, 5 weeks ago I got a unifi dream machine, for 3 of them the 2 devices worked fine next to each other.

I think the update to zigbee changed something, and they no longer like to co exist.
It does not apear to be a wifi interference more of a physical interface not sure why this changed.

By moving the smarthub about 10" away seems to have solved the issue.

I found something on YouTube that led me to try this.

Sounds a but like marriage to me!!!

Wifi that is too close to your hub can kill your Zigbee even if it’s not on an overlapping channel. The reason for this is that the radio transmission is never completely clean and restricted to the specific channel. There is always low level side noise but it does drop off pretty quick with distance. By putting some distance between the Wi-Fi and the hub to can often eliminate the effect. I would try to put 10’ between ion you can. You might find it help your battery life as well.

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Would you say this is a slow degradation on the zigbee over time or is it bang and dead?

Sorry when I said kill I meant interfere with the radio transmissions to the point that devices lose events, drop off, etc. It would not cause long-term damage. Putting some distance between the Wi-Fi and the hub should see the situation improve almost immediately.